How to Teach Kids to Resolve Culture Conflict?

We live in a global society. The United States is a very typical example of a country with multiple cultures, since there are a lot of immigrants from all over the world bringing here various culture and values.

There are common values among the world; however, there are some fundamental differences as well. We suggest parents advise their kids using the following ways to handle culture conflicts in an effective way.

  1. Respect different cultures, which is crucial for resolving culture conflict
  2. Be open and willing to accept other people from different cultures, make friends with them
  3. Find common ground, use common values
  4. Know your values and be aware of the differences with other values
  5. Be open to possible alternative ways to implement your values
  6. Put yourself in others’ shoes, and try to understand them
  7. Try to understand a culture from a big picture, do not blame all because of one

Scholarships for Women in Nursing

Nowadays, people put more and more emphasizes on health care. Observe the trends in the job market. The medical field hires a lot of competent people every year, and the demand for medical professionals is still increasing at present. Even those who already have a career are looking for ways to join this particular field.

Nurses are on high demand. The demand for nursing graduates is growing. Health agencies and other services are looking for highly trained and qualified nurses. That is probably why many students especially female students are attracted to this field. However, with education cost soaring, the primary problem that most students encounter before they go to college, especially with a nursing course, is funding. Though this field is very much in demand, not all aspiring nursing students are able to graduate because of financial problems.

Public colleges, which offer nursing courses can cost you around $14,000 a year; and if you want to attend college in a private university, the cost can reach as high as $30,000 a year. In addition, the tuition fees increase every year. You can just imagine how much it’s going to cost you if you want to graduate with a nursing degree. Nursing is quite an expensive course, and if you don’t have the money, you can’t possibly graduate. What a sad ending for an aspiring student, but don’t lose hope yet. There are still ways to pursue your college studies without anymore worrying for your expenses.

Scholarships for women in nursing help a lot of female students get their nursing degree. Education helps you learn about different things, but it doesn’t end there, it is also a business in itself. If you don’t have enough money, you can’t get the best education possible. If you want to pursue your nursing degree while working, you must be aware that it entails a lot of coursework to finish a course in nursing. So if you are a working student, you will surely have difficulty in keeping up with your job and the coursework. What you need is a college scholarship to fully concentrate in your education and get the most out of your education.

Requirements for Nursing Scholarships

Specifically, there are a number of scholarships for women in nursing. Some competitions support women who would struggle to make it through a nursing school, other competitions may include additional hardship requirements beyond gender. The criteria for awarding a scholarship may specify that the woman be a nontraditional student, a mom, or even a single parent. Other awards, though, are open to traditional students. Still other competitions are for women who are studying issues related to women’s health. These may be open only to nurses or to women in various healthcare fields.
Most nursing scholarships for women are local. They may be administered through colleges or community foundations. Some are awarded in honor of female nurses who have died. The committee may specify that award winners live in specific counties or share other commonalities with the nurse being honored.

Scholarships for women in nursing can be very diverse; it is important to research the market to know what is available and what are their requirements. Some scholarships do go unclaimed. Often this is because the foundation has been very specific about requirements.

Scholarship committees are interested in knowing how their award will benefit not only you as a person but the larger community. Aim for specificity when discussing aspirations; in other words, it can be helpful to have a roadmap as well as a dream to make your scholarship application stand out.

Nursing Scholarships for Women

Federal government funds certain nursing scholarships, as well as private entities. Schools, agencies, and corporations offer nursing scholarships for individual students.

If you are currently planning on attending college and pursuing on the field of nursing then the following scholarships may be of interest to you.

1. American Nurses Association (ANA)- First and foremost, you must contact nursing associations in your locality, your state’s nursing board, and the American Nurses Association (ANA). Check the website of ANA on the net because they can provide you with the necessary information you will need for a nursing scholarship and grants. All it takes is a little research.

2. American Association of Critical-care Nurses(AACN) – Each year 50-100 juniors and seniors are awarded a $1,500 scholarship if they are a part of a BSN credited nursing program. Visit their homepage to learn more about this grant.

3. Abbot Scholarhsip – If you are an undergraduate or graduate student then you may be interested in the scholarship. Each year one grant of $2,500 is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who is a member of the ANNA (American Nephrology Nurses Association).

4. The National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles Section gives scholarships to women in the LA region. These are open to qualified females regardless of religious affiliation. Two competitions are specifically for female nursing students, the June Miller Nursing Education Nursing Scholarship and the Inger Lawrence-M.R. Bauer Foundation Nursing Studies Scholarship.

5. The Athena Award and Scholarship Program of Nashville offers the Saint Thomas Health Services Scholarship to a nontraditional female studying in a healthcare field. The essay is based on the myth of Athena, known for inspiring heroes. Applicants should write about someone who has inspired them. The scholarship requires that applicants should be ready to make a one year employment commitment. The commitment can be honored at any of four regional hospitals.

6. The Faith Community/Parish Nurse Scholarship Program is offered through the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. It is for a nurse who is interested in women’s healthcare issues, both physical and emotional. It is granted to a female RN pursuing advanced training in parish nursing. Applicants should include a clergy reference as well as a healthcare/ employment reference. Correspondence should be directed to Nora Miller.

You will need all indispensable information from certain people like the college of nursing department staffs. They can provide you with scholarship/grant applications. Or you can also contact the person in authority who provides scholarship/grants to nursing female students.

To get scholarships for women in nursing is competitive. Take action, don’t just sit there and wait for someone to offer you a scholarship of some sort. Chances are it wouldn’t come looking for you. You need to work hard on your scholarship application, in order to get one. It never hurts to try. Good luck to your scholarship applications!

Tips for Teaching Preschoolers

Developmental Characteristics

  • Understand the idea of saving when they can count
  • Think money as a way to get things they want
  • Understand the concept of borrowing and returning
  • Understand what is theirs and what belongs to others
  • Choose to buy between two or three items
  • Imitate parents’ spending habits
  • Do not understand different money value
  • May not understand that they have to pay for things that they take off the shelf at the store

Suggested Teaching Activities

  • Take kids shopping whenever it is possible
  • Use play money to play grocery store
  • Borrow or rent something they need to return
  • Teach them identify the names of the coins
  • Let kids pay for one item when shopping
  • Teach kids that parents work for paying food and clothes
  • Have kids do routine chores without pay, let them learn to be responsible
  • Put savings in a jar, build a good saving habit
  • Read stories about money and responsibility
  • Provide two or three alternatives and let them make a choice
  • Discuss products advertised in commercials