12 Traits Of Successful People: A parents and kids view (Part 1)

The purpose of life and the definition of success may be different for different person. However, we certainly all have dreams to achieve in our life. Some people make their dream come true, while others could not make it. What are the Traits Of Successful People?

As parents, we want to nurture healthy, happy and successful kids. What leads to success? To study what are the common traits the most successful people have will help us achieve our goals on our own career as well as help kids to achieve success in their life. In this article, I would like to share with my observation on “12 Traits to be Successful” and would like to invite you to think and share with your observation and thoughts.

1. Hard work

Many successful people agree that even if you have talent, hard work is what really matters. Helping kids form a good study habit, and letting them know that good results come from hard working is crucial. The joy in life comes with working for and achieving something valuable.

2. Efficiency

We all have limit life with limit time and energy to use. Work harder and work wisely is one of the key differentiator factors to achieve success. It’s a good habit that to think whether it has a better way to do it or not when we do things.

3. Ambition

Successful people have ambition. They have high expectation on what they want to achieve.This high expectation always supports their highest good, keeps them being highly motivated. Motivate your child to have a big dream.

4. A clear goal

Successful People have a big dream; in the mean time they have a well-defined goal. They know what they want to achieve. They are not easily affected by the others’ thoughts and opinions.
Goals are specific, measurable, achievable, and time-specific. Having a clear idea about what you want to do, to be, or to accomplish comes at a different time for each of us. Goal setting is an evolution of ideas, not an answer. The important thing is to help kids develop the habit of setting goals as soon as possible.

5. Passion

Successful people love what they do. They are enthusiastic about what they’re doing, and their excitement is contagious. They draw people to them and help them to achieve the goals.

To be continued on our next post “Traits Of Successful People: A parents and kids view (Part 2)“.

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