12 Traits Of Successful People: A parents and kids view (Part 2)

We continue talking about “12 Traits Of Successful People”.

6.Optimism, positive thinking

Observation shows that highly motivated, highly successful people are far more optimistic than average about possible outcomes. And it’s the overly optimistic attitude ends up doing the impossible things normal we think. Nurture your kid be a positive thinker.

7. Mental toughness

Successful people have metal toughness, the endurance to overcome different difficulties. Successful people are not the ones who never fail; they are the ones who simply get up one more time than those who do not. Give kids chances and let them fail, train them to get up.

8. Persistent and patient

Successful people are persistent and patient. They persisted, even in the face of failure. People who never made it are because they tried, failed, and never try again. People who are mediocre are because they found something that works and never try anything else. People who are successful are because despite their past failures, they kept trying until they found something that worked really well. I think parents should set a good role model on this.

9. Constant Improvement

Successful people are always striving to improve. The key is to understand that success is a never ending journey. Praise your child when he or she achieved something, in the same time help them set up a higher goal.

10. Learner

Knowledge has long been recognized as a key component to success. Successful people are curious and love to learn knowledge. Almost all successful people are voracious learners. The things they want to achieve always require more knowledge, more skills, and more expertise. They learn the knowledge, practice and acquire new skills, constantly learning and exploring new perspectives. Protect kids’ curiosity and Inspire them love learning.

11. Courage

Successful people are not afraid to experiment. They don’t mind making mistakes, they are not afraid of failure. They do not give up, they will try different ways to move forward until succeed. Do not overprotect your child; let them be brave on certain things.

12. Focus

Successful people are focused. They concentrate on their main goals and objectives. They don’t get distractive. They don’t procrastinate. They work on the projects that have higher priority, and don’t allow those projects to sit until the last minute. They are disciplined, which keeps them focused and prevents them from scattering their energies and time in other directions.

I believed the success traits can be trained and developed. To succeed needs effort.

You may have noticed that I do not have any idea on training kids to have “passion” and “focus” above. What’s your opinion? Do you believe all these Traits Of Successful People can be trained? How to train kids and help them develop these traits leads to success?

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