Bedtime Routine Checklist

Sleep is essential for a healthy body especially for kids to grow physically and mentally well. Build a good bedtime routine help your child form a good sleeping habit, which benefits your child for life.

___ Brush teeth
___ Wash hands and face
___ Take a bath
___ Put on pajamas
___ Go to bed
___ Listen to a story or Read a book
___ Use the potty
___ Say good nights to family

Hope your child can adjust quickly and form a good bedtime routine. Good night! Have a sweet dream!

Morning Routine Checklist for Parents and Kids

Building a good habit is a key to success. Let’s help kids to start early and build a routine starting with morning routine. Here is a Morning Routine Checklist for your reference.

For Kids

__ Make bed
__ Brush teeth
__ Wash hands and face
__ Get dressed
__ Eat breakfast
__ Organize Backpack
__ Homework
__ Schoolbooks
__ Signed forms
__ Other projects
__ Notebooks
__Pens and pencils
__ Lunch or lunch money
__ Put on socks, shoes, and jacket

For Parents

__ Wake up kids
__ Prepare and serve breakfast
__ Prepare lunch or lunch money
__ Check kids’ backpacks
__ Sign school forms
__ Drive kids to school or school bus stop

Hope this Morning Routine Checklist is helpful. Have a nice day!

A School Supply List for Kindergarten

School teachers may recommend specific brands, sizes, or quantities, but even if the list isn’t available, we can still take advantage of back-to-school sales by sticking to the basics recommended below. Here is a suggested Kindergarten Supply List. Quantities and sizes may vary from school to school. Keep this checklist handy to make our back-to-school shopping easy, and avoid buying unnecessary stuff to save money.

1. No. 2 pencils (6 or more)
2. Colored pencils (1 box)
3. Water-based markers (1 box)
4. crayons (2 boxes)
5. Erasers (2)
6. Ruler (1)
7. Ballpoint pens (2)
8. Pencil sharpener (1)
9. Glue sticks (3 to10)
10. Scotch tape (1)
11. Stapler (1)
12. Blunt ended scissors (1)
13. Folders with pockets (2)
14. Wide-space spiral note book 70 page (1)
15. Pencil case or pencil box (1)
16. Backpack (1) (We suggest that your child’s name is clearly written on it using permanent marker. )
17. Lunch-box
18. Sneakers (1-2) (for gym class)

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