I Love Learning

Author: Xu Ying; Translated by Cana

This is a real story about a mom. The mom was born in a city, northwest of China. She was a smart, capable and courageous girl. Because her parents were busy in working, and her mother had been sick for a long time, in addition to go to school, she did a lot of housework, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her young sister and brother.

Since she loves learning, she was studying hard and had a lot of physical activities as well. She became an excellent student with both top grades on academics and physical exercises. In order to enter the country’s famous university, the 13-year-old girl left home to study in a better middle school, thousand miles away, from the southwest to the northeast, alone by train. She loves learning, no matter how difficult the environment was, it did not affect her determination to pursue knowledge. After more than two years of diligent studying, she made a solid foundation on her mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects. No matter how difficult the mock exams from many schools were, she figured it out. After she went back to the southwest, she became the best student in her class. Her parents brought her some Competition Problems from foreign countries, she did well too. As she had been persistent on studying and physical exercises, she took the college entrance examination with readiness. In the National College Entrance Examination, she got the best grades in her city. People around her called her the “champion.”

After graduated from college, she had been as an engineer in developing new products, and as a professor contributed to the university on both teaching and researching. She loves learning, have a strong desire to seek knowledge. In order to learn more and want to give her children a better education, she has overcome many difficulties, went to Japan and came to the United States to study. She admires science, and has a strong persistent personality, which makes her a distinguished international scholar.

I Want to Go to School

Author: Xu Ying; Translated by Cana

This a real story about a grandpa. The grandpa was born in a poor family in northern China 72 years ago. He is the eldest son with nine siblings. When he became 7 years old, he could not go to school, because he had to work to help family make living.

After he became 9 years old, he went to his grandma’s house many miles away to seek more job opportunities. There is an elementary school there. He always went to the school when he had a chance, sitting outside the window of the classroom trying to listen to what teachers taught. Since then he became enjoying learning. After he went back his home, he felt so eager to acquire knowledge, he was crying in front of his mother and he said “I want to go to school! Please…” Because his family was too poor to afford his boarding fees, he had to bring homemade corns and potatoes with him, climbed the big mountain, walked many miles to go to school. In the school, many kids from poor family were studying very hard. They cooked by themselves with clothes in bad conditions. They even read books using a single oil lamp at night like dried sponges.

After many years diligent studying, the grandpa at last got very good grade and was able to enter a very famous university in the country, and graduated with excellence. He made many achievements as a senior engineer, and made a great contribution as a CEO of a company.

Sharing Real Stories with Kids

Story-telling is one of the best ways to educate and inspire kids.

Today’s kids live in a “Honey Can”, they think the “Honey Can” came by itself, they do not know it is their ancestors’ hard working brought the “Honey Can” to them. We as parents should tell our kids some real stories, let them know the difficulties their ancestors had overcame, makes our kids understand that they need to make a lot of effort to contribute to our future as well and get inspired.

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