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Computer engineering

The amazing computer revolution has rapidly changed the way much of the world works. Developments in radio, television, radar, transistors, computers, and robotics have fundamentally altered human life. The field of Computer Engineering is at the epicenter of this development. It encompasses a wide range of topics including operating systems, computer architecture, computer networks, robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer-aided design.

If you major in Computer Engineering, you’ll learn all about the hardware and software aspects of computer science. You’ll gain a solid understanding of circuit theory and electronic circuits, too. Also, because Computer Engineering is closely linked with Electrical Engineering, the fields are found in the same department at many universities. Consequently, many undergraduate programs incorporate most of the core curricula in both electrical engineering and computer science so graduates will be prepared to work in either field.

Computer Engineer

A computer engineer is an engineer who specializes in the field of computer science. They will also have a background in other engineering fields, particularly electrical engineering. This article will provide you computer engineer salary information as well as the knowledge you need to become a computer engineer and what you can expect when entering this field.


Most universities and colleges offer computer engineering degrees. To get a computer engineering degree usually will take you four to five years. You can also opt to go for further education and get a masters or PHD. While completing school, a lot of students will enter into internships, especially during the summer. By doing internship jobs, you will start to get work experience and have references or maybe even a job offer once you have completed your degree.

Working Environment

Your work environment will largely depend on what engineering field you choose to specialize in. The specialized fields include artificial intelligence, computer systems, computer architecture, computer networks and integrated circuits, as well as systems and computations. Your future job may be in a standard sector like an office building or a research center. Regardless of what kind of job you have, you will be required to work with other professionals and be able to coordinate with them on projects. Depending on the project size you may also have to double as an electrical engineer.

Salary Information

Because there is such a high demand for computer engineers, computer engineers’ salaries are usually on the top of engineer salary. Therefore, you can expect a very competitive paycheck. The average computer engineer salary is around $90,000 annually. The starting salary of a computer engineer fresh out of college is just over $60,000 a year. With more experience and specializations however, your salary can be over $130,000 per year.

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