Conditioned Reflex and Ability Training

The study is actually to establish the conditioned reflex process. The more conditioned reflexes are established, the smarter we will be. Conditioned reflex is another name for a conditional response. It is gradually developed by training and association through the frequent repetition of a definite stimulus.

Former Soviet Union physiologist Pavlov thought that the reflex is the stimulation, which causes the response activity in the nervous system. People’s all activities are the nervous system’s response which makes to each kind of stimulation, conforming to “the stimulation–Nerve relation–Responds “, the reflex process formula.

The stimulation origin has two kinds: One kind originates from the external environment (for example seeing, hearing, and smelling through the sense organ); second, originates from body internal stimulation (for example thirsty, hungry, feces and urine in the internal main body and so on). No matter what it is the exterior stimulation or the body internal stimulates, their conduction process spreads to the central nervous system through the nerve impulsion. Then, the cerebrum makes the judgment, issues the instruction again through the efferent nerve, makes human body’s response organ (for example muscle) respond suitably.

The so-called unconditioned reflex will be bred in the bone (for example hungry reflex, dust flies into eye to burst into tears and so on), but the conditioned reflex will be the reflex which can form through the multiple study or the stimulation training. For example, “Feeds on illusions “, human after seeing the plum will have the conditioned reflex to secrete the saliva. The conditioned reflex is based on the unconditioned reflex foundation, exercises as well as the strengthened training through the unceasing theoretical study and the practice can obtain (for example carries on simulation strengthening training on the Earth, astronaut can adapt outer space life and so on).

To this day, Pavlov’s methods provide important guidelines for basic research upon brain mechanisms in learning and memory. Scientists all over the world have paired a vast array of stimuli with an enormous repertoire of reflexes to test conditioned reflexes in representative species of almost all phyla, classes, and orders of animals. As a result, classical conditioning is now considered a general biological or psychobiological phenomenon which promotes adaptive functioning in a wide variety of physiological systems in various phylogenetic settings.

The study and the education process, is actually to establish the conditioned reflex process. The more conditioned reflexes are established, the richer experience human has, the more developed cerebrum human will have, and the smarter human will be.

I think to help kids build a good habit including a good study habit as early as possible is critical for kids’ success. Because a habit has to be built through the conditioned reflex process. Once a good habit built, it works as a natural way.

4 thoughts on “Conditioned Reflex and Ability Training

  1. To train children’s capability, to start early with a specific goal and build a good habit will help them develop capability.

  2. In my opinion, in order to develop a good habit, certain conditions and environment are needed to train a child over and over again.

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