Culinary Scholarships For Women

Being a chef is a rewarding and artistic career. In order to learn the knowledge and acquire the skills to become a renowned chef, going to an excellent educational program is a great way. With culinary scholarships for women, you can get into the kitchen and be paid for your creativity. The great part about it is that you also can take these skills home and treat your families to tasty dishes and smile and laugh with your family together.

Going to a culinary school is an investment in your future, if you need some assistance paying your tuition, this article is for you. The best source for information on culinary scholarships is your chosen culinary school’s financial aid office. They are aware of all available funds from school sponsors, alumni and organizations that support the program. They can let you see the current years’ culinary scholarships which may be available for you to take advantage of if you are someone that meets all the qualifications which are going to be needed. Culinary scholarships can also be researched online and this may be one of the best sources.

It is generally recommended that you research at least a year before you start filling out the actual culinary scholarship applications. If you have a good idea of what might be acquired, then this will mean that you are going to be much more prepared when you start looking for culinary scholarships. Most of these are going to be very specific about the kind of requirements and information that they need for you to apply.

There are a lot of great culinary scholarships available out there for women to apply for. The following organizations award scholarships and grants to students studying a variety of culinary fields, including: foodservice, baking, pastry, restaurant management and hospitality. We believe you have the best shot at obtaining. Try your best and good luck!

Women Chefs and Restaurants Scholarships

Women Chefs and Restaurants annually provide women with scholarships and professional internships in the states and other countries. These scholarships are only awarded to students who will attend a school that is a member of the WCR organization, meaning these are not cash scholarships that may used at a college of your choice.

Les Dames d’ Escoffier International Scholarship

The Les Dames d’ Escoffier International scholarship is awarded via the various chapters to women aspiring to become a chef. The awards are given through the chapters rather than the LDEI office itself. It is important to know that not all chapters award scholarships.


The American Academy of Chefs is also handing out a scholarship. Make sure you visit the site to learn more about the application process and the requirements.

Roundtable for Women in Food Service Scholarships

The Roundtable for Women in Food Service offers scholarships to women in an effort to give you a broader view of your possibilities in the world. What separates this organization from the others is that once you are awarded the scholarship and become a trained chef, you will be provided with mentoring and networking opportunities that will prove to be invaluable. Students applying for this award must be enrolled in a culinary arts or culinary-related program. The program must be RWF-approved and the applicant must have completed one semester of coursework. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

Robert W. Hiller Scholarship
For those who have demonstrated a passion for the pastry field you may be interested in this Education Award. A $1,000 scholarship will be granted per year to the student who can best show career dedication. Visit the site to apply.

Philadelphia Women’s Culinary Guild Scholarship

The Philadelphia Women’s Culinary Guild offers a $1,000 scholarship to a woman who is from the Philadelphia area and is also enrolled or has been accepted into a culinary arts program or other related course of study. Two letters of recommendation are required, one from a teacher and another from an employer or academic adviser. An admission letter from the program to which you have applied and will attend must be submitted along with a completed application packet. Applicants must mail in completed packets and may be contacted for an interview.

Organizations Awarding Culinary Scholarships

Please do your research by visiting the following organizations’ website for your Culinary Scholarships.

• AACFS: American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
• AFL-CIO Department of Education
Scholarships and grants provided by various labor unions.
• Alabama Restaurant Association
• Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant & Retailers Association
• Allen Foundation
• American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation
Hospitality management programs, culinary arts.
• American Institute of Baking
Baking and food industries
• Arizona Restaurant & Hospitality
• Arkansas Hospitality Association
• California Restaurant Association
• Charlie Trotter’s Culinary Education Foundation
• Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
• Colorado Restaurant Association
• Connecticut Restaurant Association
• Delaware Restaurant Association
• Florida Restaurant Association
• Georgia Restaurant Association
• Hawaii Community Foundation
• Hawaii Restaurant Association
• Hospitality Association of South Carolina
• International Association of Culinary Professionals Foundation Grant
• International Association of Culinary Professionals Foundation Scholarships
• International Cake Exploration
For pastry careers only
• International Foodservice Editorial
• International Food Service Executives Association
• Illinois Restaurant Association
• Indiana Restaurant & Hospitality Association
• Institute of Food Technologists
• International Cake Exploration Societé
Awards scholarships to promote the art of cake decorating.
• Iowa Hospitality Association
• James Beard Foundation Scholarships and Education
• Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association
• Kentucky Restaurant Association
• Louisiana Restaurant Association
• Maine Restaurant Association
• Maryland Restaurant Association
• Massachusetts Restaurant Association
• Michigan Restaurant Association
• Michigan State University Food Science and Human Nutrition.
• Minnesota Restaurant Association
• Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association
• Missouri Restaurant Association
• Montana Restaurant Association

• National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships
• National Tourism Foundation Scholarships and Internships
• Nebraska Restaurant Association
• Nevada Restaurant Association
• New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association
• New Jersey Restaurant Association
• New Mexico Restaurant Association
• New York State Restaurant Association
• North Carolina Restaurant Association
• North Dakota State Hospitality Association
• Ohio Restaurant Association
• Oklahoma Restaurant Association
• Oregon Restaurant Association
• Pennsylvania Restaurant Association
• Restaurant Association Metropolitan
• Rhode Island Hospitality & Tourism Association
• Saint Thomas-Saint John Hotel & Tourism Association
• South Dakota Retailers Association Restaurant Division
• Tennessee Restaurant Association
• Texas Restaurant Association
• Utah Restaurant Association
• Vermont Lodging & Restaurant Association
• Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
• Washington Restaurant Association
• West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association
• Western Culinary Institute
• Wisconsin Restaurant Association
• Women Chefs and Restaurateurs
• Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association

In addition to applying Culinary Scholarships For Women, please note that you can also apply for federal student grants and loans by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You should also search for other scholarships for women.

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