Developmental Milestones for 17-year-old

Teenagers in middle adolescence are making big progress both physically and mentally. Most of them start to concern about their body size, shape, and weight. Especially some girls are on strictly diet in order to be slim, which lead to eating disorder. During this phase of development, each teenager is developing his or her unique personality and opinion, although peer relationship still does matter for him or her. Middle adolescence is also an important time for the teenagers to prepare for independence and responsibility. Many teenagers start working part time, and are going to leave home soon after high school.

Emotional and social

  • Less time spent with family and more time spent with friends
  • More independence from parents
  • Less conflict with parents
  • More intimate relationship with friends
  • More interest in the opposite sex
  • More capable for caring others
  • More capable for expressing himself or herself


  • More studying and working habits
  • More capable for thinking
  • Greater ability on identifying right and wrong
  • Stronger ability to solve problems
  • More planning and preparation for future

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9 thoughts on “Developmental Milestones for 17-year-old

  1. It is important for children to participate in social practice, but due to the complexity of the real world, it is indispensable for children to get school and parental guidance.

      • Sorry, Beth. I should say some children at this age. I especially refers to those high school students without any working experience. I do agree some of 17 years old have started their business or have been working on a job. They do have knowledge about the real world and have experiences of the real world. Like you Beth. Congratulations!

  2. In order to let children set up correct goals of their lives, educate children to acquire knowledge. If the initial correct goal on life is not yet set, children enter into the real world would be very dangerous!

  3. It is always good for parents to know the friends of their children and also to have good relationship with them. There may be some information of your child you can only get from their friends. Trust is needed to be able to get the needed information. Parents should know the type of friends their children have and if possible, their family background. If you love your children’s friends, they will confide in you and tell you the truth about your children before they derail. A concerned parent should always find time to visit the child’s school during visiting days and open day sessions. A child in boarding school should always have a guardian who is well known by the parents as someone with good moral and social standing. Preferably, same sex as your child.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you, Margaret. The more time parents spend with your child, or more attention you pay on your child’s school and his or her friends, the better you will know your child. Your child will trust you more and listen to you more.

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