Developmental Milestones for 5-year-old


  • Hop and stand on one foot about 10 seconds
  • Move agilely
  • Throw ball
  • Catch bounced ball most of the time
  • Swing

Hand and finger skills

  • Draw circles and squares
  • Draw a person with body parts
  • Print some letters
  • Use scissors
  • Use fork, spoon, and a table knife

Social and emotional

  • Interested in new things
  • Cooperate with other children and want to please friends
  • Negotiate when conflicts
  • View self as a whole person with body, mind, and feelings
  • Understand some rules and follow them
  • Like to sing, dance, and act


  • Can count 10 or more objects
  • Correctly name at least four colors
  • Understand the concept of “same” and “different”
  • Understand the concept of time
  • Understand gender
  • Able to distinguish fantasy from reality
  • Recall parts of a story
  • Try to solve problems from one point of view


  • Speak sentences of more than five words
  • Master some basic grammar rules
  • Tell simple stories
  • Say name and address

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