Get Involved In Your Children’s Education

Your children’s education begins at home, parental involvement should not end when your children step through the school door. Parent involvement in education plays a critical role for your children’s success. The key to a bright and successful future for your children is through the education they get at school, but they also need resources at home to support them. Parent involvement in education helps your children shine with confidence.

Studies show that children not only do better in school when their parents are involved, they also tend to go further in the education system.

Your Child’s Education Is A Part Of Your Parenting

Parenting is not about just providing; it is much deeper than that. As a parent you will be worried about your child’s well being as well as his future. The aim of most parents is to raise a healthy, happy, and successful child – a child that is secure, confident, independent, and motivated.

Tips for Getting Involved In Your Children’s Education

Though better communication between school and home is one way parents can become more involved, the following tips offer further ways parents can participate in your children’s education:

Parents’ love

Love is known to be a panacea for just about everything. And children, more than adults thrive under love and care. You will be surprised to know that a large number of children who have high IQs and are brainy come from loving stress-free homes. Educators find that secure and well-loved children perform better in school than children from broken homes or stress-filled homes. So, get ready to give umpteen hugs and kisses. Run with your child, hold his hand without an excuse, play ball, get down on all fours and have a race with your toddler. Interact at all levels and times.

Talk with your child regularly

Whether it’s at dinner or during the drive home from school, ask your child questions about the school day and about homework assignments.

Help your child practice good study habits

Create a quiet, clutter-free study space. If homework help is needed, assist with the work but don’t do it for your child.

Get suggestions from teachers

If your child is having trouble in a subject or is displaying behavioral problems, arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss the matter and possible solutions.

Attend school meetings

You can learn about new and pending school policies at school board meetings. PTA meetings also can provide aid and support for parents.

Good parenting needs parent involvement in education. Family education is an important supplement for school formal education. Parents involved in your children’s education helps your children achieve school success and lifelong success.

To learn more parenting skills, please refer to great parenting books.

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