Goal Setting for Kids

This article talks about Goal Setting for Kids, because goal setting is a critical skill to succeed in our career and life. It is the first and foremost factor of successful people. In order to succeed, we must have a goal and know exactly what it is we are trying to do towards the goal.

Why Teach Kids Goal Setting?

As parents, we can shape our kids and help them succeed in their school, future career and their life by instilling success characteristics such as goal setting, and self-confidence into their daily life, so that they can use them throughout their life.

This is a best gift we can give to our kids when we teach them to set goals. Parents’ goals are to give kids a habit of setting goals. Of course, we also need to teach kids how to plan and take action and achieve the goals.
The earlier we encourage kids to think about what they are trying to achieve, both at home and at school, the better. And the process of writing out their goals can help enormously.

How to Help Your Child Build Goal Setting Skill?

We know that goal setting is all about setting a goal, planning, making progress towards the goal and reaching the goal.

Goal setting for kids will help your children do better on their school, such as tests sports activities, music programs or other extracurricular activities. It also helps them in many aspects of their life.

Goal setting for kids is basically the same as for adults. However, you’d better help you child start with a smaller and more tangible goal. You can help your child learn to set goals by working through the following five steps:

Step 1: Ask “What” questions. Such as “What do you want to do?”, and “What do you want to be?”
Help your child describe something he or she would like to do or to be in specific words. For example, getting an A on his or her next math test; can ride a bike.

Step 2: Ask the question, “How will you get there?”
Help your child plan out the steps to take and set some small goals to reach on his or her way to the ultimate goal.

Step 3: Help your child follow through the plan and reach the goal.
Have your child write down what he or she wants to achieve and what his or her plan for getting there.
Help your child take action and keep motivated by having him or her read the written plan each day, and ask him or her to share his or her progress with you. Help your child do some adjustments if needed.

Step 4: Celebrate what your child have done.
Achievement is not only for the final outcome, but also for the small goals that are met along the way.

Step 5: Help your child review the goal setting process.
Help your child by reviewing the goal setting process along the way and at the end as well. Review with your child the goal, the plan and how it was going. How the adjustments were made? How does your child feel and think about his or her progress? Ask your child tell his or her goal setting experience and share what he or she has learned.

Tell your child that reaching the ultimate goal is important, however, setting a goal and work for it even more important. In addition, learning on the way of planning and goal setting is extremely valuable. Encourage your child to not give up on his or her goals, but that if one plan doesn’t work, he or she has to revise the plan and keep trying.

Goal setting is one of the most important skills that a person can learn, and the earlier this skill is learned, the more chances there are for successful outcomes in a person’s life. Therefore, we encourage you think about goal setting for kids and help your child build goal setting skill as early as possible.

Goal setting for kids is a skill that will be built on throughout your children’s entire lifetime. Helping your children build goal setting skill is one of the best things you can do. You will be giving your children a valuable gift that they will be useful for their entire lives.

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