Help Children to Build Leadership

Global awareness promotes understanding and acceptance of ethnic, cultural, and religious differences. Children are called to be well prepared for the global challenges of an increasingly competitive and international interconnected world.

We believe there is a strong call for leadership in the global society. The next generation of the global leaders needs to be well equipped to succeed in a competitive global environment. These are but a few ways to work with children to help develop their leadership skills.

  1. It is vital to develop children’s communication skills in order to communicate their ideas to others efficiently. A suggestion is that by starting reading aloud, children can build public speaking skills required in leadership roles.
  2. Leaders need good organization skills. Children need to be trained to be organized. One simple way is to have children use checklists as their habit, and update timely what has been done one by one.
  3. Good problem solving skills are essential towards helping children develop as leaders. A suggested way that parents can help is to challenge children to face some conflicts and ask them come up with as many solutions as possible, and then discuss the pros and cons of each solution.
  4. To set realistic goals is important as a leader. When this ability is developed within children, they will attain a sense of control, which is vital to be a leader. A to-do-list also helps to monitor the progress on these goals.
  5. Teach children to have passion about future, which is needed for children to be motivated. Passionate children enjoys what they are doing, a key to lead effectively and successfully.
  6. Potential leaders need a mental toughness. Let children know that there are many challenges in the global society, to succeed in anything could face obstacles. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement.
  7. Help children to build a constructive spirit of discontent. To teach them believe there is always a better way to do something. By guiding children towards the solutions needed to over come the obstacles along the way, the children can also further their problem solving skills; in the meantime improve their self-esteem, which help them build their confidence.
  8. Teach children to have willingness to take responsibility. Do not be afraid of carrying responsibility, because the joy of accomplishment, which contributes to other people, is what leadership is all about.
  9. Teach children to be commitment and persistent to complete a task. This quality is crucial in leaders, because they have the ability to get things done.
  10. Help children to avoid or overcome those destructive weaknesses. A destructive weakness is a character flaw, which may become an obsession.
  11. To be respected is another vital factor for being a leader. Teach children that even some people do not like them, if they respect the children, they will follow the children. Parents can help the children start to build family respect first.

To learn more parenting skills, please refer to great parenting books.

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