Help your Child to Develop a Reading Habit

How To Help Your Child Read? A good book can teach us about things beyond our daily horizons. Reading habit is one of the best habits which you can help your child develop. Reading habits can enrich your children’s life, sharpen their mind, and bring fulfillment. I believe that reading habit is one of those habits in a person’s life will bring great satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment to the reader. It is very important to encourage your child to read, foster your child to love reading and develop a reading habit as early as possible.

Guidelines for Helping Your Child Read

To raise a reader, parents need to help your child build reading skills moment by moment and day to day.

• Read to your child as early as possible you can
A reading habit can not developed overnight, it takes time. To nurture the habit, starting early is a key, since little kids are easier to follow parents’ guidance.

• Set an reading environment with many books
Fill your home with all kinds of books. Make a book collection appropriate for your child’s age. For baby and toddlers, picture books; for pre-k and kindergarteners, first reader series are the good choice. Please refer to Reading List by Grade.

• Attend book fares
Take your child along with you to book fares in your city. Let your child select a few books and see what type of interest he or she has. Show and let your child enjoy the excitement about purchasing new books.

• Buy bookshelves for your children
A bookshelf is very useful to organize books. Buy book shelves for your children and teach them how to arrange and keep their favorite books.

• Read Yourself
If you want your child to develop reading habit, let your child see you read. Kids copy what their parents do. You can also cultivate your child’s interest in reading by sharing the information from your own reading.

• Let your child read to you
Allow pre-readers to “tell the story” from pictures. Have your child retell favorite stories.

• Give books as presents
Books are the best gifts, which can foster your child’s interest and love of reading.

• Visit library
Make library visits a family routine. Get your child a library card and make him or her join book clubs.

• Teach your child about Famous Writers
Tell your child the stories of some famous writers, how they got started on writing and how they wrote a famous book.

• Tie movies or television into the books
A lot of famous movies are based on famous books. And popular books are often turned into movies.

Teach your child that reading is not spontaneous or short term hobby. It is a life long pursuit and it helps you child build vocabulary, strengthen imagination and educate your child too. Help your children develop good reading habits will benefit them for life.

By making reading fun, and keeping your child’s reading experiences positive, you can not only help your child read, but also can nurture your child to grow into a reader who views reading as an enjoyable part of life. However, reading the wrong kind of books, can have an adverse impact on the impressionable minds of the young. Guided reading is very important, especially, for young kids. Please refer to the recommended Reading List by Grade.

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