How to Guide Kids to Play Games?

Many games are usually fun, informative and challenging. However, if kids play these games excessively can become addicting, affecting their health, homework and taking away from their daily activities. How to help kids take advantage of games while avoiding game addition? Banning materials is definitely not the answer.

We suggest the following ways to help kids enjoy the pros while avoiding the cons.

  1. Set rules on gaming, the rule should cover,
    • Have to complete homework and other study tasks first
    • Follow time limits on gaming
    • Take breaks while gaming
    • Play those games reviewed by parents
    • Talk any new games, which they want to play with parents first
  2. Chose those games, which help kids improve creativity, analyzing skills and problem-solving skills
  3. Encourage kids to play educational games
  4. Play good games together with kids to communicate with them better once a while
  5. Keep a close eye on whether the kids following the rules
  6. Teach the kids about prioritizing and time management by the gaming rule
  7. Discuss ethical and moral issues by the contents of the violent games
  8. Teach the kids about communicating and adapting to a growing multicultural society, by their playing with online multiplayer games
  9. Teach the kids internet safety by online virtual gaming world

What is important is to find good games tailoring different kids’ ages, set appropriate rules, and monitor carefully the kids when they play with the games, because what they watch and what they play does affect them. Parental involvement is always a must.

3 thoughts on “How to Guide Kids to Play Games?

  1. 这篇文张写得很好,相信能解除家长对孩子沉迷游戏的困惑.谢谢!

    Great post! I believe that this will help parents who are worry about their children’s indulgence in games. Thank you!

  2. 孩子玩游戏是对家长的挑战,你不了解游戏,和孩子就没有共同语言,仅原则指导,往往起不到多少效果.家长一定要尽职尽责,最好自己进入,不能的要请教老师帮助,不仅防谜影响学习,更要引导孩子在玩游戏时,提高观察力,提高学习效率.

    For parents it is also a challenge that children play games. If parents do not understand the game, which the kid is playing with, it will be difficult to communicate with him or her, only can give him or her some guidance on principle, which may be ineffective. Parents must fulfill their duties, do their best, to help kids not indulge in games, to guide the kids improve observation capability and the efficiency of learning while playing games.

  3. 是的,为了能够正确引导孩子玩游戏,父母也要不断学习新技术,提高计算机,互联网等的技术水平。不得不承认现在的孩子由于花很多时间用计算机和上网,他们从小就是计算机专家了。

    Yes, in order to correctly guide the kids to play games, parents have to constantly learn new technology, improve computer, the Internet and other skills. We have to admit that today’s kids due to spend a lot of time with computers and the Internet; they already become computer experts at very young ages.

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