How to Teach Kids to Resolve Culture Conflict?

We live in a global society. The United States is a very typical example of a country with multiple cultures, since there are a lot of immigrants from all over the world bringing here various culture and values.

There are common values among the world; however, there are some fundamental differences as well. We suggest parents advise their kids using the following ways to handle culture conflicts in an effective way.

  1. Respect different cultures, which is crucial for resolving culture conflict
  2. Be open and willing to accept other people from different cultures, make friends with them
  3. Find common ground, use common values
  4. Know your values and be aware of the differences with other values
  5. Be open to possible alternative ways to implement your values
  6. Put yourself in others’ shoes, and try to understand them
  7. Try to understand a culture from a big picture, do not blame all because of one

2 thoughts on “How to Teach Kids to Resolve Culture Conflict?

  1. 说得对,尊重不同文化的人是前题,这样才能与来自不同国家,具有不同文化背景的不同民族人友好相处.即便你还不了解,甚至于还不喜欢,也要从尊重人权出发,要求自己必须养成尊重人的文明习惯,这是非常重要的!

    That’s right, respecting for different cultures is the premise, and in this way you can get along well with the people who come from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Even if you do not know them, do not even like them, respecting for human rights is must. To form a habit to respect other people is very important!

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