International Education is a Key for Success in the Global Society

Global society is bringing our diverse communities together. In order to deepen our understanding of our own cultural heritage and other different culture, we should share our native culture, e.g. clothing, food and music, promote cross-cultural communication. Good multicultural books definitely help as well.

The survey commissioned by NAFSA identifies overwhelming numbers of Americans support for educational exchanges, study abroad, and foreign language learning. They believe that international education is a key to preparing children for success in the global world; foreign language skills will make children more competitive in a job market, and it is important for the next generation to have the opportunity to study abroad and to interact with students from other countries.

5 thoughts on “International Education is a Key for Success in the Global Society

  1. In order to achieve greater success, more and more people ask for international education, the key to success is to inherit the fine national culture and absorb the essence of exotic culture, become an international talent. Those who can not understand the key factor, failed and did learn a lesson!

  2. I agree. If a person can not inherit his or her fine national culture, and can not learn from others’ culture either, then it will be the worst.

  3. The United States is a multicultural and a multi-ethnic country, for the children of new immigrants, it is a very good international university where they can learn a lot, while parents must pay attention to help children to learn good thing and avoid bad thing.

  4. Yes, the education in new immigrants’ family has become more difficult because of cultural conflict. Recently I am studying and thinking about this issue and would like to discuss the topic, “family education of new immigrants”. Let’s share thoughts on it soon.

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