Kids Christmas Snacks

As always, we want kids to eat healthy snacks. Christmas is the fun time when making and sharing Kids Christmas snacks and Christmas treats for kids. Kids Christmas snacks is one of the many things that makes the holidays so special and enjoyable. Kids like to help making tasty Christmas snacks and treats, so making kids Christmas snacks can be a fun Christmas family event that every family member enjoys.

Christmas is a great fun time for the kids. It’s a good idea to invest some time to decide which kids Christmas snacks you should chose for your kids. Christmas Snacks such as Christmas Cakes and chocolates are the favorites among all kids. There are many different types of cakes like fruit Cakes and Cream Cakes. Christmas cookies like Candy Cane Cookies, Christmas Wreath Cookies, and Snow Ball Butter Cookies make a royal Christmas treat for the kids. When you making kids Christmas snacks, your child can help on a lot of things. For example, breaking open eggs, sifting flour, pouring pre-measured cups of sugar into a bowl, and helping gather, measure, and mix ingredients. Your kids will love working with you together to make some yummy Christmas snacks for kids.

Good snacks for Kids

To choose healthy kids Christmas snacks, let’s review what good snacks for kids are. Good snacks for kids should provide them with something to eat that is tasty as well as nutritious. To avoid too much sugar and calories in holiday season, we do not want to feed our kids snacks that have large amounts of fat, sodium or empty calories. Good snacks for kids share several common characteristics. They should be delicious, nutritious, not messy, colorful and easy to store. Finger foods prepared in advance that require no refrigeration or cooking make some of the best snacks for kids.

A good resource to refer to when planning Christmas snacks for kids is the United States Department of Agriculture’s “My Pyramid” for kids. It recommends that children eat 3 oz. of grains every day. They should also eat “more dark green vegetables” like broccoli, spinach and other greens. These can be added to the other recommendation, “more orange vegetables,” such as carrots and sweet potatoes. “My Pyramid” also suggests that kids eat a wide variety of fruits but not a lot of fruit juice. Raw and dried fruits served with a fruit yogurt are recommended.
“My Pyramid” also encourage kids to drink milk and to eat beans, nuts and lean meats. Good snacks for kids should use these recommendations. Serve a glass of milk instead of fruit punch. Provide bowls of mixed nuts unless you have children who suffer from peanut allergies, of course. Let the kids roll up their own corn tortillas after spreading refried beans and grated cheese on top. Then dip them in individual bowls of fresh sweet-tomato salsa. You will soon find that snack time for kids becomes a great time for learning that also builds relationships and makes great family memories at the same time.

Ideas for Kids Christmas Snacks

There are many ideas and delicious classic recipes available online to help you and your kids prepare great Christmas snacks. Making kids Christmas snacks could be a wonderful way to start off the holiday season for your family including your kids. Bellow are some of Kids Christmas Snacks ideas for your reference.

• Fruit Christmas trees make mouth-watering Christmas snacks for kids.
• Santa Claus cookies with low calories. Instead of using sugar cookie dough make low sugar cookie dough yourself. Using vegetables and fruits to decorate the point with red to make a Santa hat, and the bottom of the heart with white frosting to make Santa’s cheeks and beard. Sprinkle coconut on the bottom to make the beard, and decorate eyes, nose and mouth with nuts.
• Let kids fill an ice-cream cone with a scoop of canned fruit salad mixed with a spoonful of yogurt.

Kids love snacks. They especially love Kids Christmas snacks! Making Kids Christmas Snacks, reading Kids Christmas Stories and making Christmas Ornaments for Kids are some of the fun Christmas Activities. Happy holidays!

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