What is Motivation?

The intentions, desires, goals, and needs determine human behavior.

By education research, motivation and emotion are closely related. Some researchers argued that emotions are the true motivators, which drive other factors internally and cognitively take hold of behavior. People are willing to do things when they feel pleasure. That is why we need to find the kids’ interest and have to guide our kids to love to learn, which the most important thing is. In addition, the culture in which an individual is raised has a powerful effect on how the individual behaves. In another word, parents should create love-to-learn family culture, to set up a good role model for our kids.

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One thought on “What is Motivation?

  1. 孩子要早立志,立大志.目标越明确,计划越科学可行,孩子的学习动力就越足!

    To help a kid set a goal as early as possible, set an ambitious goal. The more clear the goals are, the more scientific and feasible plan you help the kid to have, the more motivation to learn the kid will have!

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