Nature versus Nurture : Raising Healthy Happy and Successful Children

Nature versus nurture is not a new topic for raising children. I heard three real stories that happened around me recently, I have been thinking about it. The top question in my head is “whether nature or nurture has more of an impact on a child’s development”. In this article, I would like to share my thoughts with you. And hopefully, it can motivate you to think in your own way and find the most suitable way to raise your own healthy, happy and successful children.

Three Real Stories

1. A colleague of mine sent her daughter to the best private schools nearby from pre-school all the way up to high school. In addition, she sent her daughter to ballet classes, piano classes, drawing classes, and swimming classes after her daughter turned 3 year old. Two years ago, her daughter went to a college in east coast of U.S and then quit. Now, her daughter is attending a cooking school in New York. Her daughter is the only child in her family. My colleague and her husband have been trying their best to invest money and time on her daughter’s education.

2. My friend has a daughter and a son. She sent both the two kids to same preschool, elementary, middle school and high school. Her daughter is a straight A student and went to a top college last year while her son is a B student and does not like work hard.

3. My neighbor’s son does not like study. After he graduated from high school, he decided not to go to a college. He found a job in a local supermarket working as a cashier. In the supermarket, he met a young man who graduated from college with a bachelor degree two years ago. Later they became friends. The college graduate’s major was psychology. One year later, my neighbor’s son went to a college and major in Engineering.

Nature versus Nurture

As an adult, I truly believe what makes us who we really are depend on both our DNA and life experiences. In terms of Child Development, Nature or Nurture which factor is more influential in a child’s life? The nature psychologists believe that a child is born with certain tendencies and that nature has more influence on the child. While the nurture psychologists believe that a child’s upbringing has more of an
influence on a child’s behavior.

It is easy to understand that physical characteristics, such as skin color, eye color, and height are hereditary, however, when it comes to an individual’s behavior, intelligence, and personality, we do not have a clear answer yet. Which one is more influential in a child’s life, nature or nurture? Although the argument exists for a long time, we do not know the answer yet, we do know that both nature and nurture play a very important role and they are tightly interwoven.

Nature gives us inborn abilities and traits; nurture takes these genetic tendencies and shape them as we learn and mature. I personally think that the question, which factor plays more important role is very difficult to answer, because there are too many aspects and factors involved in a child’s development.

I do agree that skills can be trained and acquired. For one skill, the more training, a child get, the better he or she will be. On the other hand, each child is different, he or she has some personal traits and can be categorized into one or more personality type group. To change the traits is not easy.
To raise a healthy, happy and successful child, we need to consider the child’s nature personality, besides provide the best educational environment possible. I think to nurture your child to be positive, have a dream, and work towards it, is a key, no matter what personality type, the nature your child has. Do you agree with me?

Appreciate your thoughts on Nature versus Nurture, if you can share with us by commenting.

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