Sharing Real Stories with Kids

Story-telling is one of the best ways to educate and inspire kids.

Today’s kids live in a “Honey Can”, they think the “Honey Can” came by itself, they do not know it is their ancestors’ hard working brought the “Honey Can” to them. We as parents should tell our kids some real stories, let them know the difficulties their ancestors had overcame, makes our kids understand that they need to make a lot of effort to contribute to our future as well and get inspired.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Real Stories with Kids

  1. 给孩子讲故事是一种好方法.让孩子有意(有时是无意)参预大人一些实践活动,对孩子健康成长也大有好处!

    Telling kids some stories is a good way to educate kids. Let kids participate in adults’ activities, which help children’s healthy growth!
    When we were doing the research to buy a house, we went to different places to see the houses bring our 4-year-old grandson with us. A few months later, at home when we were chatting, he said: “I want to buy a house to you, to my parents, and to my aunt also after I grow up”. When he turned 14-year-old, although he left us several years ago, still sent e-mail to us and told us he would by house for us in Paris in 15 to 20 years.
    子供にストーリーを教えることを通して、子供を教育するのは良い方法です。また、子供が大人の活動に参加させることによって、子供の健やかな成長にもいいです!私たちは家を買うために、いろいろ調査をやっていたときに、4歳の孫を連れて、いろいろの家を見ていました。数ヵ月後に、家でチャットをするときに、孫は: “私は大人になったら、お爺さんとお婆さんに、お父さんとお母さんに、またおばさんにも家を買ってあげます。“と言いました。孫は14歳になった時に、もうしばらく会っていない孫は私たちに電子メールを送ってきました。彼は15年から20年後に、パリで家を買ってくれるって言いました。

  2. 非常感谢你给大家介绍你的成功经验。我相信对很多父母,爷爷奶奶都大有帮助。

    Thank you very much for sharing your successful experience. I believe that it will help many parents and grandparents.
    “Let children participate in adults activities, which help children’s healthy growth!” You are a great grandparent who takes education seriously and has very good experience on education.
    Very admirable!

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