Packing for College

In order to help new college students to packing for college, we summarize the following list of Things To Pack For College for your reference.

We just list the basic and essential stuff you might want to bring for your first year in college. Please confirm with your college, since each college may have different requirement. Each student may have your unique needs, therefore, based on the following list make your own.

1. Computer (Recommendation at Amazon)
A computer is necessary for all college students. You may use it to take online classes, do research, write papers, develop presentations, keep up with assignments, and communicate with the college. A desktop computer works fine. A laptop, however, provides more studying flexibility.

2. Calculator for Engineering Student (Recommendation at Amazon)
Any math or engineering students need a graphing calculator.

3. Printer (Recommendation at Amazon)
A printer is essential for printing assignments and scanning in documents. The college probably has printers available, but usually fees involved. The computers might also all be in use and you might have to wait to get on one.

4. Flash Drive (Recommendation at Amazon)
It is very convenient to bring a flash drive with you, so you can download data from the school’s computer to yours, and vice-versa. You also can keep copies of your current assignments on the flash drive so your work is always available to you and backed up.

5. Office Materials

  • A backpack to carry books and supplies
  • A binder for each class
  • Spiral notebooks for notes
  • A folder for handouts for each class
  • Planner/calendar for recording due dates, exam dates, etc.
  • Index cards for the use as flash cards to study for tests
  • Plain white printer paper
  • Pens
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • pencil sharpener
  • Pencil case
  • Highlighters
  • Stapler
  • Three-hole punch
  • paper clips
  • sticky notes
  • scissors

6. A First Aid Kit (Recommendation at Amazon)
Packing up a first aid kit is a great gift for your teen to start his or her new college life. It’s also a reminder to always stay safe and take care of his or her health while away from home.

Get the Things To Pack For College and Prepare for your college well. Wish you have a great start of your new college life.

One thought on “Packing for College

  1. This is a great listing of products that a student will need for college. I generally advise college students to only pack the necessaries (meaning the things they use every day), their medical and the “I exist” documents (immunization records, social security cards, birth certificates, etc.), plus a few things for general enjoyment. Look forward to more posts!

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