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This weekend I found an online interesting resource, which has fun games, ABC song, animal identify game(let the kid chose the right animal by its sound), color the picture etc. My 3-year-old daughter really enjoyed them so much, and even did not want to go to bed. At first, I sat with my daughter, showed her how to do it, then let her play with the mouse. We learnt counting 1-5, letters “A”,”B”,”C” and painting with 5 colors. This is my first time using this kind of online program I do feel it is for “play and learn” , which meets little kids’ needs, and I had fun too.

I want to share with all of you. The good link is for infants, toddlers and preschools. Enjoy with your kids!

Free Online Play & Learn game for infants,toddlers and preschoolers

One thought on “Play and Learn

  1. 谢谢你提供的网站,利用网上游戏,做好家庭教育,的确是个好方法.

    Thank you for providing the site information, to use online games on family education is a really good way.

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