Scholarships for Medical School

Entering a medical school is very challenging from academic point of view because you need to have an excellent GPA(Grade Point Average), high MCAT(the Medical College Admissions) score and other activities to make you stand out from your competitors. From financial point of view, going to a medical school is very expensive, a lot of students graduated from their medical school with a lot of debt.

This article helps you to ease your financial concern and hopefully to help you enter your medical school with as many scholarships and grants for medical school as possible and get your MD/PhD with less debt or debt free.

In U.S, the statistic data reports that the average medical school student graduated with $160,000 in medical school debt. For most of the students finding scholarships for medical school is a must. Start planning early and getting free money to continue your education to reach your career goal is not easy but it can be done.

Scholarship for Pre-Med and Medical Students

Although there are some scholarships that explicitly exclude support for medicine and other professional graduate programs, pre-meds still can find some sources of financial support available to you based on a range of qualifications. Please be noted that a scholarship does not need to have the term “pre-med” in it for a pre-med student to be eligible. As a pre-med student, you first need to ask yourself what is your career goals, research experience, and interest in public health among other things.

Here are some of the resource for your reference.

Financial Aid Award from Your Medical School

The first thing to begin your searching for financing your medical school begins with the medical school you applied itself.
Just like your college financial award letter you received after your high school, you’re going to receive a financial aid award letter including:

  • Total cost of attendance
  • Expected family contribution
  • Medical school scholarships

If you are going to receive less scholarships than you expected, contact the financial aid office and negotiate a better award. Your negotiations need to be in full-swing by May before you commit to a particular medical school. Be prepared to try your best to receive the best medical school financial aid award possible. In many cases your future scholarships for medical school will be based off of your first offer, so getting medical school grants before going is very important.

Medical school scholarships vary by institution and in many cases they are not going to be published online. It is suggested that you try to find that each school has their own sources of funding from prominent alumni, federal aid received, or research breakthroughs.

Merit Scholarship

A merit medical school scholarship is awarded based on your merit as seen by your scholastic aptitude. Medical schools base their criteria on two main factors your GPA (grade point average) and MCAT score (the Medical College Admissions Test). There, do you best to achieve academically in your college years. Bad grades and scores cost money!

In addition to GPA and MCAT, each medical school has their own rules and criteria for awarding merit scholarships. Do your research and prepare for it early and well.

Medical Association Scholarships

The AMA(American Medical Association) Foundation offers medical school scholarships to medical students. These medical school grants are awarded in a number of ways.

Scholarships are awarded based on financial need to rising fourth-year medical students, award to medical schools to distribute among their students, and to rising second or third year minority medical students.

Scholarships during the undergraduate years:

  • Goldwater – only for the student who is interested in the MD/PhD route.
  • Truman, McKelvie – for the student who is intent on public health or research
  • NIH – for those who are committed to biomedical research

In medical school:
Yale’s International Education and Fellowships web has a list of selected fellowships for medical studies. Please look into it if you need.

  • Yale medical school – offer some merit awards and financial aid
  • General awards – e.g. Tylenol Scholarship
  • Honor society scholarships – Phi Kappa Phi
  • Cultural/Ethnic-based and Underrepresented – Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Assn., American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Augie J. Alter (Lithuanian), Herbert W. Nickens (under-represented minority), Congressional Hispanic Caucus, National Medical Scholarships need-based for underrepresented med students in the first and second year
  • For females, the M.A. Cartland Shackford Medical Fellowship; if you are over the age of 25, you may apply Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Advancement scholarship; if you are under-represented minority, you may try to apply the American Association of University Women selected professions award
  • Religious-based scholarships, e.g. International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons
  • Immigration-related – Soros for New Americans
  • For athletes – NCAA Scholarship
  • State-based awards for need or merit
  • State or county medical societies
  • Professional organizations, including parental professional connections
  • Other organizations, e.g. DAR small scholarships for medicine and nursing

Military Medical School Scholarships

If you are willing to serve in the military, military medical school scholarships are great options for you. The full name of this scholarship is the F. Edward Herbert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), where if you qualify you could earn a full-tuition scholarship, plus a monthly allowance/stipend.

The HPSP is offered through several branches of the military: United States Army, Air Force and Navy, but not the United States Marine Corps. The Marines get their medical support from the Navy.

Service Scholarship Programs

There is a another scholarship for medical school is in the civilian world called the National Health Service Corps (NHSC). This scholarship pays for most of your medial expense including tuition and monthly living stipend.

Your service commitment requires that you have minimum of two years of service at an approved site in a high need Health Professional Shortage Area soon after you graduate and must be apart of a primary care residency.

International Scholarships for Medical School

If you are interested in pursuing medical related degrees before or during your medical studies, explore the scholarships, such as Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, Mitchell, NSEP, DAAD and other awards that would enable you to go abroad.

Tuition Free Medical Research

If you are a medical school student, you also can find support for health-related research without the need to pay tuition for med school from a number of sources including: Howard Hughes Medical Institute. You can apply training opportunities from quite a few sources as well including the CDC and Schweitzer fellowships.

Scholarships for medical school ensure you have the best financial aid for medical school, get as many scholarships and grants for medical school as possible and try to stay away from medical school loans.

Hope you get your medical school scholarships and achieve your career goal!

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