Scholarships for Women Over 50

Due to the longer life span, in most of the countries including the united states, the retirement age has been extended and this increase will be progressively done in the future. Therefore, if you are in 50’s, you are actually not old, you are in the middle age. In other world, you still need to learn and charge yourself with new knowledge and skills to have a job and a better career.

Education costs money while we believe education is the most important and the best investment for your future. It is good thing that nowadays some scholarships for women over 50 are becoming easier and easier to access.

Retirement Age in USA

In the United States, while the normal retirement age for Social Security, or Old Age Survivors Insurance (OASI), historically has been age 65 to receive full benefits, it is gradually increasing to age 67. The retirement age has been extended and this trend of increasing retirement age happens almost all the countries including U.S. The following is the statistic data that shows the variation in eligibility ages for public old-age benefits in the United States, according to the OECD.

Early retirement age: 62
Normal retirement age: 67
Employed, 55–59: 66%
Employed, 60–64: 43%
Employed, 65–69: 20%
Employed, 70+: 5%

Life Long Learning

Without doubt, we all need life long education. In the reality, thousands of once retired people had found it a necessity to find new employment in this volatile economy, the government of the united states has really stepped up their scholarship programs.

There are various Scholarships for Women and Degree Programs that are specifically targeted to help women with their education and career. The different types of scholarships for women over 50 years old can open doors of opportunities to those who applied and received them.

Women are hard working and have the talent and attitude to succeed in their chosen field. However, some women need financial assistance to receive better education. This can be a more serious problem for the women over 50 who do not easily find financiers and supporters to help them work on their projects. While the scholarships for women over 50 can help the women to educate themselves.

Scholarships for Women Over 50 Years Old

Are you thinking of continuing your education and applying for scholarships for women over 50? If yes, then do not allow your advanced age to become an obstacle in your education or career change. There are financial aid such as scholarships and/or grants, you can choose to go to a college or university that help you acquire new knowledge and skills.

For a 50 year old women, applying and receiving college scholarships is not an easy task, as many scholarships are mostly offered to young students. However, there are organizations which offer college scholarships for adults. These scholarships also allow you to choose online degree programs over conventionally conducted college curriculum or courses. For some of these scholarships, the government offers tax rebate and you can receive first 4,000 dollars of it, tax free.

There are many trusts organizations and educational institutes which offer scholarships for women to achieve their education goals. Do your research on scholarships and apply early and submit more application as possible as you can. The following are some of the scholarships you can spend some of your time to research and consider to apply.

• AWIS Graduate Scholarships for Women in Science
• BISA Inner-City Scholarship Program
• C200 Scholars Aard
• Talbots Charitable Foundation Scholarship
• Medical Associates LPN Tuition Reimbursement Program
• NBNA Scholarships
• Royal Neighbors of America New Horizons Scholarships

These scholarships are given on the basis of merit and you need to apply for them by taking into considerations, the terms and conditions of the scholarships. You also will have to give your past educational qualification details along with your residency and citizenship proof. Mostly, the scholarships are for the permanent citizens of the country. There are some scholarships for talented and dedicated women belonging to other nationalities. You will have to prepare your scholarship application well and complete and submit the forms and supporting documentation before the deadline to be eligible for the scholarships.

In the past, you may have thought about applying for scholarships for women over 30 or scholarships for women over 40, but for some reason you didn’t apply. Try to apply scholarships for women over 50 now! It is time to take effective decisions and actions, receive better education, enrich yourself, gain new knowledge and skills, improve your career and life! Gain more career opportunities and improve your income earning power and live better! Best wishes to you!

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