Should Parents Allow Kids to Play Games?

My son spends most of his time playing games except school; I am really worried about it. I often think if he can decrease his game time to half and use the time to study his school work, he definitely can achieve better grades. My friend told me that both her teenager daughter and son like playing games; they were playing games even on the family vacation trip. I recently also read some articles about kids gaming. Some parents hate games because their kids, especially boys addict to games, they warn parents that game addiction is very dangerous, even more dangerous than drugs, because it is fully legal. In addition, those “Violence” games are hot topic from parents all over the world.

I read some research papers as well. They are talking about strategy games, which are mainly based around strategic principles. These games require analytical skills, could improve children’s logical thinking ability and problem solving skills. In addition, it is found by educational researchers that using computer games in math education is superior to traditional classroom instruction for improving math achievement.

Today’s kids are surrounded by and using computers, games, video cameras, cell phones, and all the other toys and tools of the digital age. Games are parts of their life. What should parents do to help them to balance study and game and prevent them from game addiction? Let’s think about it and sharing ideas together. I would like to talk about kids and games in the following several posts.

7 thoughts on “Should Parents Allow Kids to Play Games?

  1. For Students, learning should be their main task, should be proud of it, if they did well at school……
    In the spare time, can select some games helping kids improve their intelligence, but must control the playing time, can not affect homework (and experimental work) and the daily life (including exercise and sports, sharing of the house work).

  2. Parents must teach kids that study should be their primary task; games are entertainment, which can not replace learning!

  3. Parents must introduce kids some good programs for elementary or middle school or high school students in the summer, inspire them to love science and improve their self-management capability.

  4. For Students, learning should be their main task, should be proud of it, if they did well at school……I totally agree.

  5. It looks like the games you are talking about is electronic and PC games.

    Games themselves are not bad at all, if the kids can enjoy the games, they can learn a lot of things, including problem analyzing and solving skills, background information, and making friends…

    However, game addition is the problem that the games may bring the kids. Like other games, they still can lead to addiction, however, since electronic and PC games need less energy compared with other games, e.g. sports games, the kids can play these kinds of games for a longer time, which is easier to let the kids addict to the games. Therefore, in order to avoid game addiction, need self-control, which kids are usually weak in this point. Parents do need guide kids to play games.

    How to guide kids to play games? I think there are many ways. For example
    Help kids to form good habits
    Encourage to do some other fun stuff
    Even, let the kids’ interest shift to how the games are designed, what’s the strategy? Actually, how to design a good game is still a big research topic. However, in this way, whether can further to lead to kids’ game addiction? I do not know, ha ha …

  6. Kevin, great point! I fully agree with you. For those kids who electronic or online games very much, parents need guide them in how to design a good game, might be a good way, but it seems more easily let them indulge in the games. Teach kids to improve self-control is very important, what is your opinion?

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