Signs Showing the Kids Playing Games Too Much

If kids play games too much would lead to game addition, which damages kids physically and mentally. Parents should watch out for it.

Some warning signs

  1. Play games most of the time?
  2. Dive into games right after getting up?
  3. Play for long periods?
  4. Play games and forgot to do homework?
  5. Get restless if can not play?
  6. Does not like to play outdoors?
  7. Sacrifice friends and social activities?
  8. Play Games in stead of watching his or her favorite TV programs like before?
  9. School report shows lower grades?

If the answer to most of these questions is “yes”, the kid may be playing games too much and limits should be applied. Because games are so attractive to them, kids even can not control themselves, that’s why they need parents’ help.

2 thoughts on “Signs Showing the Kids Playing Games Too Much

  1. 损害健康,影响发育,荒费学业,千万不可让孩子沉迷游戏!

    Damage health, affect development, affect study, must not let the children indulge in games!

  2. 我同意你的看法。家长一定要严加注意孩子。

    I agree with you. Parents must watch the children carefully.

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