Summer Job Tips for Teens

Teen job seekers face many challenges whether for the first job or not. Youth and inexperience are two of the biggest barriers. In order to get a head start on the competition, try to start early. Anything the teen can do to give him or her competitive edge will help to land the dream summer job. He or she also needs to know the job application process to nail down a position.

How to find a summer job? Here are a few tips to beat the competition for the dream summer jobs.

Setting Clear Goals for Summer Jobs

Pay expectations?
Usually the higher paying jobs will be the harder to find and come with more responsibility.

Working hours?
To work part time or full time over the summer? If it is a part-time job, to specify a certain number of hours a week is very important.

What type of work?
There are many types of summer jobs available for teens. Please refer to related post.

Usually, those locations are able to access easily are better.

Learning opportunity?
Ideally, the summer job is in an industry that the teen wants to work in.

Consider Competitive Edge

Figure out what the teen enjoys, possible skills and talents and what he or she can offer potential employers. This process will help the teenager to beat the competitors, and increase the chance to get offers.

Be Prepared

Before looking for a job, try to learn about the job search process.

Prepare for a job application form
For most jobs, need to complete a job application, which typically is a one-page form asking the applicant to list his or her name, address, telephone number, Social Security Number, previous jobs, if any, and contact information of a reference.

As the teenager gets older, usually become a college student and starts to look for jobs in his or her intended field, a resume is needed. Parents can help the teenager to prepare one.

Prepare for interview
Try to get ready with all the information asked on the application, and on possible interview questions and answers.

Get advice
By talking with a school guidance counselor, parents and others who have been there can get valuable insight into the “real world” on working.

Find Summer Job Source

  • Job listings at school employment offices
  • Signs in stores, shops and restaurants in the neighborhood
  • Online source
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Local newspapers
  • The state employment office


Once got an interview, preparing for it is very important. Please refer related post.

Follow Up

Sending thank you notes and calling back to show appreciation are two good ways to follow up after the interview.

After Hired

After the teenager is hired, he or she will be asked by the employer to complete Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. This is an IRS form that tells her employer how much federal and state income tax to withhold or subtract from her paycheck and submit to the government on his or her behalf. Parents can guide the teenager on this.


Have realistic summer job expectations
Whether to look for teen jobs, high school jobs or college jobs, it is important to have realistic expectations about the first job.

Be flexible
Do not limit on the dream job or to the first job that comes along. Be open minded and consider as many options as possible.

Stick with it
Be persistent, do not give up if can not find a job right away. A job search does need persistence and patience. It is important to keep trying.

Learn from failure
Learn from those unsuccessful job applications and always try to gain from those experiences.

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  1. 我觉得中学生还是在校办工厂实习为好.

    I think that for middle school students, internship or to gain experience by working in the school-run labs or factories is a better way.

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