How to Teach Kids to Resolve Culture Conflict?

We live in a global society. The United States is a very typical example of a country with multiple cultures, since there are a lot of immigrants from all over the world bringing here various culture and values.

There are common values among the world; however, there are some fundamental differences as well. We suggest parents advise their kids using the following ways to handle culture conflicts in an effective way.

  1. Respect different cultures, which is crucial for resolving culture conflict
  2. Be open and willing to accept other people from different cultures, make friends with them
  3. Find common ground, use common values
  4. Know your values and be aware of the differences with other values
  5. Be open to possible alternative ways to implement your values
  6. Put yourself in others’ shoes, and try to understand them
  7. Try to understand a culture from a big picture, do not blame all because of one

How to Define “A Successful Child”?

I think most of parents including me want to raise healthy, happy and successful children.

How to define “a successful child”? Different person may have different definition. I come up the following list, I hope you, the reader to add your definition.

  1. empathic, kind, polite and friendly
  2. cooperated, responsible, to think and act morally
  3. has a joyful attitude, compassionate, and to love family and life
  4. curious, confident, ambitious, determinable, patient and persistent
  5. can adjust himself or herself psychologically, namely he or she has the capability towards self-control, self-reliance and mental toughness
  6. work hard to achieve the ambitious goal
  7. Have the ability to achieve their goal.

Encourage Kids to Play Educational Games

Educational games are games that have been specifically designed to teach people on a certain concept or subject, help healthy physical and or mental development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in acquiring knowledge and learning a skill as they play.

Simulation or video games have been used for security training. Some driving schools use driving simulators in the stage before going out on the road. Medical simulations help doctors learn about what they are doing without risking someone’s life. In addition, there are lots of interesting educational games for kids on coloring, grammar, words & puzzles, math, physics, chemistry, sports etc.

Some strategic games improve kids’ IQ by improving their ability and efficiency of their brain involving logic ability by improving problem-solving skills and puzzles improve players’ memory because it needs to memorize maps, passwords, codes or facts in order to progress through the game.

Games are a powerful medium, which can influence kids; we should make it have a good influence. Moderation is the key, not obsession. Some in moderation can be healthy; however overindulgence can lead to social isolation, depression, obesity or weight loss and family problems. Parents’ guidance is the key, so make the effort get involved with kids’ play and monitor them, help them to take the balance in life, do their main job, which is studying and getting good grades and stay involved socially.

I found an interesting website on educational games, which is the Official Web Site of the Nobel Foundation. There are some games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, which can teach and inspire kids while having fun! Parents and kids may enjoy testing and building their knowledge in physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature, peace and economics. So, have a try with kids together.

Educational games by Nobel Prize Foundation