Tips for Teaching Preschoolers

Developmental Characteristics

  • Understand the idea of saving when they can count
  • Think money as a way to get things they want
  • Understand the concept of borrowing and returning
  • Understand what is theirs and what belongs to others
  • Choose to buy between two or three items
  • Imitate parents’ spending habits
  • Do not understand different money value
  • May not understand that they have to pay for things that they take off the shelf at the store

Suggested Teaching Activities

  • Take kids shopping whenever it is possible
  • Use play money to play grocery store
  • Borrow or rent something they need to return
  • Teach them identify the names of the coins
  • Let kids pay for one item when shopping
  • Teach kids that parents work for paying food and clothes
  • Have kids do routine chores without pay, let them learn to be responsible
  • Put savings in a jar, build a good saving habit
  • Read stories about money and responsibility
  • Provide two or three alternatives and let them make a choice
  • Discuss products advertised in commercials

Age-based Tips for Parents to Teach Kids on Money

A kid will learn how money works and how to best use it in stages, depending on his or her age and experience. Kids are unique individuals who develop at their own pace. However, in general, as they grow older they should be able to handle money better. Here we outline, by stage of development, kids’ understanding and use of money as well as conflicts about money. We also give some suggestions on activities and concepts to parents for teaching kids about money.

Play and Learn

This weekend I found an online interesting resource, which has fun games, ABC song, animal identify game(let the kid chose the right animal by its sound), color the picture etc. My 3-year-old daughter really enjoyed them so much, and even did not want to go to bed. At first, I sat with my daughter, showed her how to do it, then let her play with the mouse. We learnt counting 1-5, letters “A”,”B”,”C” and painting with 5 colors. This is my first time using this kind of online program I do feel it is for “play and learn” , which meets little kids’ needs, and I had fun too.

I want to share with all of you. The good link is for infants, toddlers and preschools. Enjoy with your kids!

Free Online Play & Learn game for infants,toddlers and preschoolers