Parenting Teenagers

Teenage is a very difficult time for kids themselves as well as their parents. The kids no longer remain kids and they are yet to become adults. Challenge courses, peer pressure, and the emotions make them stressful. During this time, in order to guide teenagers, parents need to connect with them, pay much care and caution.

In order to achieve better parenting, we would like to discuss several topics in the next posts. We will start with the development of teens’ brain, then move to figure out what are teenagers’ needs? How to connect with teenagers? How to help them handle stress? How to guide them on nutrition and exercises? How to Motivate Teenagers to Be Their Best? Let’s do our best to be good parents in order to guide teenagers to success!

Let’s learn about teenager parenting together and be better parents.

To learn more parenting skills, please refer to great parenting books.

Career Trend

Experts predict where the jobs will be in 2014

By understanding the major trends that are affecting our lives, parents will be able to play an active role in helping children planning and guiding their career. However, predicting future is the most difficult thing, there is no guarantee. Almost all jobs, no matter how secure they are, due to the economy and unexpected changes in technology and other factors, they will experience ups and downs. The key to survive and thrive in the career is to be the best at what we do and be flexible.

Ten Fastest Growing Occupations for College Grads

  1. Network systems and data communications analysts
  2. Physician assistants
  3. Computer software engineers, applications
  4. Computer systems analysts
  5. Secondary school teachers, except special and vocational education
  6. Computer software engineers, systems software
  7. Network and computer systems administrators
  8. Database administrators
  9. Physical therapists
  10. Forensic science technicians

Source: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

Play and Learn

This weekend I found an online interesting resource, which has fun games, ABC song, animal identify game(let the kid chose the right animal by its sound), color the picture etc. My 3-year-old daughter really enjoyed them so much, and even did not want to go to bed. At first, I sat with my daughter, showed her how to do it, then let her play with the mouse. We learnt counting 1-5, letters “A”,”B”,”C” and painting with 5 colors. This is my first time using this kind of online program I do feel it is for “play and learn” , which meets little kids’ needs, and I had fun too.

I want to share with all of you. The good link is for infants, toddlers and preschools. Enjoy with your kids!

Free Online Play & Learn game for infants,toddlers and preschoolers