Teach Kids Common Values

People live with values. Different people have different values. Parents want kids to have a happy life. What values kids need to have a happy life? What values do parents want to teach kids? I think we should teach kids some of the common values including healthy, caring, cooperative, curious, intelligent, self-esteem, self-confidence, and responsible.


“Healthy” is defined as a person behaves physically and mentally well.

Physical health is the most important for a person, because a healthy person is able to enjoy daily life, including studying, working and relaxing. He or she has courage to take mental challenge and is able to recover balance after negative experience. In order to keep kids healthy, parents should help them build healthy habits as early as possible. Parents also need to help kids to acquire skills that contribute to healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy food, exercising regularly and learning continually.


“Caring” is defined as a person is able to feel, think, and act in the interests of others.

Because we live with a family in a community, when making a decision, we need to be thoughtful for related people or things to show caring. Kids need to learn when it is appropriate to care and how to balance on other values, such as competitiveness, or their own needs.


“Cooperative” is defined as a person can act with others for a common purpose as a part of a team.

Help kids to recognize the task requiring cooperation to complete, and teach kids that two people have more power than one and the skills to know how to negotiate the completion of the necessary tasks.


“Curious” is defined as a person has the desire to figure out something.

Kids are born curious, which is necessary for survival. We want to know the surrounding environment and understanding of how they relate to each other, which provides the basis for curiosity. Kids learn because they are curious, it is the best motivator. Parents should use kids’ curiosity to help them learn, and help kids to preserve their curiosity.


“Intelligent” is defined as a person has a wide range and /or depth of knowledge in specific fields.

By learning, a person can get a lot of information and know how to use them appropriately. There are different kinds of intelligence such as social, musical, athletic, mathematical, etc. Parents should guide kids to learn and acquire knowledge and use it wisely.


“Self-esteem” is defined as a person feels good about oneself.

Self-esteem is a basic need. The need to feel good about oneself can motivate a child to many kinds of behavior. One of the challenges of parenthood is to help the child feel good about oneself while keep to learn. To teach kids to balance between expectations and acceptance of ability and performance. Kids who have high self-esteem approach tasks with the certainty that leads to succeed.


“Self-confidence” is defined as a person has confidence in oneself or one’s own abilities.

A person with self-confidence believes that he or she can succeed. Parents can help kids to enhance their self-confidence in several ways. For example, setting appropriate goals, let kids experience feelings of success. Praising the kids and encouraging them to reinforce feelings of self-confidence.


“Responsible” is defined as a person has the accountability for something being done.

We live in a society, we have responsibility. Parents should teach kids to become a responsible member of society. As kids grow up, they will learn to complete their homework on time, get to school on time, and clean up their room, these are their responsibilities. Teach kids that in order to take big responsibility they need knowledge and ability.

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