Tips for Guiding Kids on Internet Surfing

Most parents agree that internet helps kids acquire skills and information needed to succeed in school, as well as helping them learn about the things that most interest them and about different cultures. In order to let kids take advantage of internet safely, parents need to get involved in kids online activities. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Encourage kids to discuss with parents on what they read, see and think on the Internet.
  2. Set family rules about what kids can do on the computer and internet; make sure the web sites kids visit meets parental standards.
  3. Keep the computer in an open area, where kids’ activities can be monitored.
  4. Learn computer and internet basics, and learn how to block inappropriate material.
  5. Spend time online together to teach kids appropriate online behavior.
  6. Use technology tools to help kids to surf internet safely.

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