Tips for Teaching High School and College Students

Developmental Characteristics

  • Continue to need help on distinguishing wants and needs
  • Want to be more independent financially, while is somewhat dependent
  • Their school and social life cost more
  • Peers often have more influence than parents
  • Want to have money to manage
  • May want to use credits
  • Experience the good and bad consequences of spending
  • Some children take student loan for their colleges
  • Understand differences between gross and net income
  • Have some concepts on employment benefits
  • Understand they can exchange time and energy for money
  • May do some part-time jobs

Suggested Teaching Activities

  • Encourage children to apply scholarships
  • Continue to teach children to manage money wisely
  • Let children do some family grocery shopping to gain more experience
  • Help children on their saving and spending planning
  • Encourage children to involve in family finance planning
  • Involve children in planning for a long-term financing arrangement
  • Before children apply for jobs, discuss work hours considering study time and household responsibilities
  • Encourage children to attend internships
  • Help children complete income tax forms if they have part-time jobs
  • Compute miles per gallon on a family car to encourage saving
  • Explain auto insurance to children
  • Discuss ways to deal with risk of potential financial loss
  • Teach children about investing while explain risk of market

2 thoughts on “Tips for Teaching High School and College Students

  1. 在教师和家长的指导下,可以参加一些勤工俭学活动.既能培养实践能力,又能学会积累资金.

    Under the guidance of the teachers and parents, teenagers can participate in some activities, cultivating practical skills and learning capital accumulation.

  2. 我非常赞成提倡孩子勤工俭学。它是培养孩子自立能力的重要一步。

    I agree to encourage teens to work. It is an important step to help them to gain independence.

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