What Working Teaches Children?

Parents can teach children responsibility and to love working by supporting them in working. By working, children can get out into the real world and gain experience, can learn in a real practical way. Children who are too young to work can begin to learn about the work ethic at home by doing chores. They will learn how to start and finish an assigned task, which builds a good foundation for a job.

As a reminder, we suggest before a child takes a job, it’s a good idea to discuss certain things about working, such as how many working hours a week is appropriate, how far the child may travel to a job, and what type of work is acceptable. School work still should be the first priority for children.

Working can teach children in many ways, here list some of them.

Building a good work ethic
A strong sense of responsibility is essential for working. Understanding what is required and doing better for a job are basic parts of being a responsible adult. The earlier a child starts to learn this responsibility, the more he or she grows with better personality. Taking responsibility for work also can carry over to taking responsibility for the family, the community, the country and the global society too.

Learning basic skills
A job can help a child learn to adapt himself or herself to get work done and gain self-confidence in doing it well. Working teaches children time-management skills; let them manage time more effectively. In addition, searching job is a learning process for children; they can learn how to write cover letters, resumes and interview skills, which definitely are very useful skills for their life. Some jobs give training to new comers, which can be helpful in landing better jobs later on.

Gaining work experience
A job usually requires work experience, but a child can not get that experience without getting a job. Starting at a job is the first step to build up work experience that can help the child later into a better job. Actually any experience is better than nothing. Children can learn right from wrong, can do better.

Facilitating saving
For example, by working in a restaurant, the child at last received his or her paycheck for $50. He or she will understand earning money need hard working and effort. He or she would not spend money like picking it from a tree.

Getting to know work environments
For example, the child usually goes to a restaurant as a custom, while by working there as an employee, he or she will learn more about the restaurant, including collaboration with co-workers.

Testing knowledge and aptitude
To do the part-time or the summer job, the child will use what he or she learned, and will find out in order to do better, what he or she need to do. Then learn more to strengthen his or her weakness and strength.

Improving social skill
Social skills play a very import role for a child to success. By collaborating with his or her co-workers, his or her social skill will be improved, which benefits his or her life.

3 thoughts on “What Working Teaches Children?

  1. 但是,学生打工必竟是要过早介入社会,会不会影响学业?是否能抵制住来自社会的各种诱惑?这也是家庭教育所面临的难题.

    However, the students will actually enter the real world, which is much more complicated than school. Will working affect their study? Can they resist the various temptations? These are also difficult problems faced by family education.

  2. 打工,是社会实践.这个时候,要特别,即时和孩子交流思想,引导孩子体会实践出真知的道理,防止误入歧途.

    By working, teens enter the real-world and gain practical experience. At this period, parents should particularly, talk to them exchanging ideas, guide children to the truth and prevent from going astray.[/english]

  3. 我也有同样的担忧。

    I have the same concern.

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