Why Go to College?

By attending a college, a student can acquire more knowledge and skills, which lead to more opportunities to success for lifelong growth.

What kind of knowledge and skills?
A college education helps a student acquire a wide range of knowledge, as well as advanced knowledge in the specific subjects he or she is most interested in. It also increases the student’s communication, logic thinking, problem-analyzing, problem-solving skills, which are essential to succeed in work and ordinary life. In college, by guidance of great mentors and advanced education environments, a student can discover new areas of knowledge, and improve creativity. Well educated people usually are more open-minded and ambitious to pursue good health, knowledge, ability, and large capacity for usefulness in the world.

What are the possible opportunities?
Knowledge is the power. The one who has more knowledge, who has more capability to learn new knowledge and new skills is more competitive and can have more opportunities to success in life. We can think that getting a college education is an investment that will pay back for a lifetime. College graduates have more jobs opportunities, more opportunity to make more money, more opportunity to serve the community and the world, and more opportunities to succeed.

One thought on “Why Go to College?

  1. Knowledge is power, is wealth. Anyone who came to the world must keep learning and accumulating knowledge, ability and capital, should have the spirit of creating more wealth to the world. For the majority people, go to a college is a good path to success!

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