1st Grade Reading List

Helping kids form a good reading habit and improve their reading skill is critical for their success in school and in life. As parents, let’s create an easy to learn environment with high quality children’s age appropriate books, and help our children build a good reading habit! Please refer to the 1st grade reading list bellow.

After we have done the research, we made the 1st grade reading list. Hope you and your kids like it.

Meet Martha

By Barss, Karen (Book – 2010)

She can draw, order pizza, dig, and even speak–Martha is some dog! (Series: Martha Speaks)

Scat, Cat!

By Capucilli, Alyssa Satin (Book – 2010)

No one wants this lost orange cat–but maybe someone at the little house he finds will.

Flat Stanley and the Haunted House

By Haskins, Lori (Book – 2010)

Stanley sees a bully picking on his friend at the Halloween party, so he comes up with a plan.

Spring Surprises

By Hays, Anna Jane (Book – 2010)

Bear cubs, kites, and mudpies. After a cold winter, spring is full of surprises.


By Holub, Joan (Book – 2009)

Dogs get new hairdos for picture day, hooray!

Willy the Worm

By Jones, Christianne C. (Book – 2006)

Willy the Worm knows he should like mud, but he really hates getting dirty! Could one rainy day change his mind?

Dad’s Cake

By Nash, Margaret (Book – 2010)

What a strange cake! Who will eat a cake made of scraps, seeds and cheese?

Every Day Is Earth Day

By O’Connor, Jane (Book – 2010)

When Fancy Nancy learns about Earth Day at school, she makes some changes at home to help her family go green. (Series: Fancy Nancy)

Happy Halloween, Mittens

By Schaefer, Lola M. (Book – 2010)

Halloween is coming soon, and Nick and Mittens get ready by making their house very spooky.

Rooster’s Alarm

By Smith, Ian (Book – 2010)

When the rooster does not crow, the animals don’t know what to do.

Little Mouse Gets Ready

A Toon Book
By Smith, Jeff (Book – 2009)

Little Mouse cannot wait to go to the barn after he gets dressed.

Snow Games

A Robot and Rico Story
By Suen, Anastasia (Book – 2010)

“I win again!” says Rico. Robot does not think the snow games are that much fun, until he discovers one that he and Rico can play, and win…together.

Mac and Cheese

By Weeks, Sarah (Book – 2010)

Even though Mac and Cheese are different, they can still be best friends.

I Am Going!

By Willems, Mo (Book – 2010)

Gerald is worried because Piggie is going away. Maybe Gerald will have to go away too. (Series: Elephant & Piggie Book)

Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep!

By Willems, Mo (Book – 2010)

It is bedtime, and all the animals are going to be except one. Who is it?

Benny and Penny in The Toy Breaker

A Toon Book
By Hayes, Geoffrey (Book – 2010)

Cousin Bo is a pest. How will Benny and Penny play treasure hunt with him?

Rick & Rack and the Great Outdoors

By Long, Ethan (Book – 2010)

Stinky fish, scary animal tracks, and tippy canoes–Rick really doesn’t think the outdoors are that great, but Rack always has a good solution.

Lily’s Lucky Leotard

By Meister, Cari (Book – 2009)

Lily is excited to land the star jump in her gymnastics class, wearing her new leotard.

Dump Truck Day

By Meister, Cari (Book – 2010)

Digging dirt, dumping rocks! It’s dump truck day, and Jacob and Uncle Kurt are on the job. (Series: My First Graphic Novel)

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
— Emilie Buchwald

Hope this 1st grade reading list helps your kids love reading!

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