A Necklace: Why You Love It

Necklace is one of the most frequently used person’s accessory. A necklace is an article of jewelry which is worn around the neck. Usually, necklaces are formed from metal jewelry chain, and attached to a locket or pendant. Sometimes they are made by the pearl jewelry, gemstone jewelry, crystal jewelry, coral jewelry, shell jewelry, turquoise jewelry etc.. Necklaces can also be manufactured with cloth, and they sometimes contain rocks, wood, and/or shells with different shapes and sizes.

Women and men have loved necklaces and have enjoyed wearing them for centuries. Necklaces date all the way back to 3,000 B.C., when Egyptian royalty bedecked their necklines with gold collars as a symbolism of their blue blood and financial prowess. While the styles have changed over the years, necklaces have never gone out of style and remain a popular jewelry piece.

Since the best suitable necklace makes you looking good, attractive, charming, enchanting, and great! Many people love necklaces including women and men, young and old. Necklace often makes for a great gift idea for the love ones and close ones. The fashion designers at times design dresses according to the in-trend designer jewelry in the market. A well-chosen necklace or rather any jewelry is considered as a lifetime asset.

Because necklaces are so expressive, they are attractive to many people for different purposes.

Necklace is a great way to show love

Sending your love ones a necklace is a great way to show your love. A diamond necklace shows how precious your love is. A gold necklace shows how loyal your love is, and a pear necklace shows how pure your love is …

Necklace is a great way to show your beauty

A style necklace shows your charm personality, your elegance, your vitality, your beauty …

Necklace is a great way to investment

Gold is considered as the universal money, it values in all the courtiers in the world from thousands years ago to today and future. A collection of gold necklaces will make you fortune. A marvelous diamond necklace is one of the most expensive jewelries in the world. A gemstone necklace could be mysterious and a wonder in the world and hence makes it precious…

One of the most famous necklaces is the Napoleon necklace. It is considered as one of the most spectacular all-diamond pieces of jewelry. The Napoleon necklace is thought to have originally been owned by Catherine the Great of Russia, it was presented by the Emperor Napoleon of France to his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria on the birth of their son in 1811. The necklace has an estimated total gem weight of 275 carats, and the largest single diamond on it weighs approximately 10 carats.

It is difficult to value a piece like this in today’s market. However, in 1993, the auction house Christie’s in Geneva sold another necklace that Napoleon had given to Marie-Louise that was composed of rubies and diamonds. This necklace sold for $13 million.

Many women and men, young and old love necklaces. How about you? What kind of necklace do you like? What kind of necklaces do you love? What is your favorite necklace? Why you love it? What factors do you consider when you choose a necklace for yourself? for your girlfriend? for your boyfriend? for your mom? for your dad? for your sister? for your brother? … for your love ones? for your close ones?

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