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What is AP?

AP stands for Advanced Placement. AP courses are called as college-level AP courses. High-school students can have a head start and explore more knowledge otherwise remain unexplored in high school. In addition, through AP Exams, students have the opportunity to earn credit or advance standing at most of the nation’s colleges and universities.

Why Take AP?

You can learn more in high school and have an opportunity to have a head start and standing out, which help your college admission process, in the same time you can explore a variety of knowledge and find out your interest, which may lead to the your future career path.

How to Get a High AP Score?

-Attend AP classes
-Study and review AP books

Best AP Books

Find the best AP book for each AP exam is crucial for you studying and ace the AP exam. After we have done the research, we highly recommend the following AP books for you to achieve a high AP score.

Best AP Math Books

The real AP Calculus AB & BC exam has 45 multiple-choice questions and 6 multi-part short answer questions, and lasts over 3 hours. If students take the AB exam, they can not take the BC exam in the same year because the exams share some questions.

In order to score high on the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams, students need to know the strategies and test-taking techniques about the test, and need to focus on the topics most likely to appear on the test. After we have done the research, we think “Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams” is the Best Prep Book for AP Calculus so far. We recommend students who plan to take the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams to get the best prep book to use the diagnostic test and find out your weak areas in order to study efficiently and achieve a high score.

Cracking The AP Calculus AB & BC Exams

This book has 5 full-length practice AP Calculus AB & BC tests including 3 for AB and 2 for BC. All of the practice questions are very close to the questions in the actual exam, and this book gives clear explain on how to answer every question. The review information is comprehensive yet abbreviated. However, enough information is given to fill in any knowledge gaps. Many teachers and students recommend this book because it includes hundreds of great review problems for the test, and it did help a lot of students who have taken the AP Calculus exam achieved high scores.

Because of the great review and wonderful practice tests reflecting the real test, “Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams” is the best prep book for anyone planning to take the AP calculus test! A must have prep book!

Master the AP Calculus AB & BC, 2nd Edition (Peterson’s Ap Calculus)

Best AP Statistics Book

After we have done the research, we found out that “Barron’s AP Statistics” is the best one for AP Statistics review and practice questions. It is concise while covers almost all the information on the test, and gives the sample questions close to the actual AP Statistics exam. We strongly recommend the Barron’s book for anyone who plans to take the AP Statistics test!

BARRON’S AP Statistics With CD-ROM

This book has six full-length model Advanced Placement practice Statistics exams with all questions answered and explained in detail. The topic review covering virtually everything they will encounter on the actual exam is very valuable to prospective test takers. Topics for review are divided into four general themes, which are Exploratory Analysis, Planning a Study, Probability, and Statistical Inference. In addition, multiple-choice and free-response questions with answers are presented at the end of each chapter. Detailed appendices include exam-taking advice, an AP scoring guide, a guide to basic uses of TI-83/TI-84 calculators, and more. This version of the book comes with an enclosed CD-ROM containing two additional full-length practice exams, giving students a total of eight practice exams. The exams on the CD-ROM come with answers, full explanations, and automatic scoring of the multiple-choice questions. They are very convenient tools.

Many students and teachers utilize this book on a regular basis while they study a particular topic in their AP Statistics course, it is very valuable to spiral topics throughout the year, and as test prep in the months preceding the exam. The questions are slightly more challenging than the real exams, which is the perfect level to prepare students properly to score high on the exam.

Best AP Computer Science Book

We did the research and found out that the Barron’s AP Computer Science, Levels A and AB is an excellent book. This book is an excellent resource for students who are preparing to take the AP Computer Science exam.

The book is divided into chapters by topics and each topic has clear explanations with chapter recaps as well as approximately 25 multiple choice problems per chapter. Each multiple-choice solution comes with a clear explanation as well. There is a practice diagnostic test, both A and AB level at the beginning of the book with an answer key. Beginning with the diagnostic exam, a student can find out his weakness and work the section of the book he or she should refer to for help. There is another practice exam also both A and AB at the end of the book, the student can measure his or her progress and estimate his or her score in the real test. If you buy the book with a CD, there is an additional A and AB practice test on the CD to excise more and prepare better.

The book is well organized and covers the contents for the exam; many test takers and instructors using this book recommend it, because it is really helpful! The best AP Computer Science Exam prep book so far!

Barron’s AP Computer Science A with CD-ROM (Barron’s: the Leader in Test Preparation)

Best AP Physics Books

We have done some research and found out that the following two books are the best ones for students to study, prepare and get ready for AP Physics exam.

5 Steps To A 5 AP Physics B And C

This a great book because it makes physics easy and fun! Many students who have taken the test used this book and strongly recommend this book for AP Physics exam. This book emphasizes physics concepts over mathematics, which helps students to work toward a strong conceptual understanding of the natural world. Unlike most of textbooks, it is easy to be read and understood. The style is clear and straightforward, inserting mathematics where necessary. A lot of teachers and students think “5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics B and C” is the best exam preparation book.

The only negative side of the book is the low number of practice problems. Therefore, we recommend students to use the following book for practice problems.

Cracking The AP Physics B Exam

Use the book, 5 steps to 5 AP Physics A and B, to learn and review AP Physics concepts, and use this book, cracking AP Physics to practice because it offers more examples and practice problems. Therefore, learning from 5 steps and practicing on cracking Physics is the best approach to prepare for AP Physics exam.

Get and study the two prep books and score high in AP Physics exam!

Best AP Chemistry Books

A lot of students feel chemistry difficult, especially AP chemistry. However, Chemistry is such an important Science course, students have to master it. We have done some research and recommend two books for those who plan to take AP Chemistry exam, study the two books thoroughly no matter how good or bad you did in your chemistry class; you can achieve a high score although the AP Chemistry exam is a very hard test. Yes, you can!

How To Prepare For The AP Chemistry

This book is one of the Barron’s AP exam prep books. A lot of teachers and students who have taken the test recommend this book because they praise it helped them so incredibly much.

Barron’s is well known for its harder practice tests than actual ones; however, practice tests in this book are so close to the real tests. If you want an accurate representation of the actual AP test, we strongly recommend this book. This book explains every concept, which covers in AP Chemistry test clearly. Barron’s gives you lots of extraneous material, a lot of that, particularly their Experimental Chemistry Section can come amazingly in handy on AP Chemistry exam day.

We also recommend AP Chemistry Cliffs, which concentrates on the calculations. Barron explains the concepts thoroughly and the AP Cliffs help you build a strong foundation on the Chemistry calculations. These two are the only books students are going to need to score high in the exam.

For an efficient preparation, get these two excellent books and ACE AP Chemistry Exam!

Best AP Biology Book

In order to score high on the AP Biology exam, preparation is must. Below we recommend an excellent test review preparation book and a tool for you achieve the AP Biology exam.


We have done the research for AP biology preparation books, it turns out that Cliffs AP Biology is the best one. This book is both a wonderful resource for the AP Biology exam and as a class supplement to both High School and Introductory College Biology classes. It provides a comprehensive review of the material covered on the AP biology exam. This book also covers lab topics and contains helpful practice exams. In addition, it serves as a very useful supplement to AP biology textbook as it explains difficult material clearly.

Each chapter includes multiple choice and free response questions which are important for practice. A full length practice test, which has close match with real AP exam, can be found at the end of the book. Students can use it to find their own weakness in order to study efficiently and can use it estimate their scores they may get in real AP biology exam. For students who are motivated to do well in AP biology, there is no doubt that Cliff’s is an excellent resource.

This book covers all the topics very concisely in a reader-friendly way; easy to follow, understand, and retain. It includes easy understanding overviews of test subjects, practice tests, AP Biology Experiment outlines and results, essay questions, and tips for taking exams. Students who got high score by using this book and experience Biology teachers recommend this book and Dr. Sanghera’s AP Biology Flashcard Quicklet to prepare for the AP Biology exam. Study toughly using this book, and use the Flashcards to help you remember key concepts, you will ace the AP Biology Exam!

Best AP Environmental Science Book

Scoring high on the AP Environmental Science Exam is very different from earning straight A’s in school. Students need excellent test prep books for AP Environmental Science Exam, which help the students to focus on the exam and study efficiently. After we have done the research, we found out that the following two books are best choice.

KAPLAN AP Environmental Science

This book includes 2 full-length practice tests to target areas for score improvement with detailed answer explanations, which help students to understand better. It also introduces proven score-raising strategies for the test. In addition, this book gives Sample essays for DBQ and FRQ questions.

This great book is targeting review of all topics, from the earth’s elements, to energy consumption, to pollution, to the future of the environment, and more. There is key terminology defined in context as well.

Study and score high using this book with thorough review and excellent practice tests for AP Environmental Science Exam!

Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam

This book focuses on the test strategies and information students will need to get the highest score. It teaches student how to use the preparation strategies and test-taking techniques to raise your score by focusing on the topics most likely to appear on the test. There is a unit test, which tests the students’ knowledge with review questions for each topic covered.

This book also includes 2 full-length practice AP Environmental Science tests to help the students prepare for the test and estimate the score since the practice questions are very close to the actual exam.

Use the Best AP Environmental Science Books, study and score high in the test!

Best AP Psychology Book

A good AP Psychology exam prep book is critical for students to study efficiently and prepare the AP exam effectively. After we have done the research, we found out that “Barron’s How to Prepare for the AP Psychology Advanced Placement Examination” is the best. It is concise while covers almost all the information on the test, and gives the sample questions close to the real AP psychology exam. It includes a handy summary of the famous people students have to know and what they did. We strongly recommend the Barrons book for anyone who intends on getting a 4 or 5 on the AP psychology test.


This AP Psychology test preparation book is updated to reflect the most recent tests with a detailed subject review covering all AP Psychology test topics plus a diagnostic test and two full-length practice exams. All test questions are answered and explained well. The authors also provide a valuable overview of the test with explanations of how it is scored. Added test preparation material includes extra multiple-choice questions, study tips, test-taking tips, essay writing advice and an analysis of the essay question with a sample essay really help students to achieve a high score in the AP exam. Topics reviewed include research methods, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, cognition, personality, abnormal psychology, treatment of disorders, and social psychology.

This book has everything that is useful to the test-taker. It is focusing on the AP psychology exam; it even has a table of contents with the percentages next to each chapter reflecting how significant the material in the chapter is to the test. So students will know the big picture of the test. As usual, all Barron’s test practice questions are harder than the actual test, so if you get a 5 on the practice tests, you are essentially guaranteed a 5 on the real exam. Students used the book and took the exam recommend this book because they found out that some of the real test questions they had taken were EXACTLY the material presented in the Barron’s book. It is an outstanding psychology review book.

Great review and excellent full-length practice exams make the Barron’s the best book for preparing AP psychology exam! Take advantage of this book and score high!

Best AP social science Books

Best AP World History Book

Take World History Advanced Placement (AP) courses will help prepare students for the test because the course was developed to prepare students for the exam by concentrating on themes and periods. While in terms of test preparation, using a good prep book to familiarize the students with the exam’s form and its grading parameters is a must in order to score high in the test.

Cracking the AP World History Exam

After we have done the research, we found out that the book, “Cracking the AP World History Exam” by Princeton Review, is one of the best books for preparing AP World History exam.

Many teachers of AP History classes in High School highly recommend their students buy this book in preparing for their AP World History exam. Among the three books, Kaplan’s, Barron’s, and Princeton Review’s AP World History review, this book offers the best history review and explains things in an easier way for students to understand. In addition, the practice tests in this book more accurately reflect the actual test questions than most other prep books. Many students who got an excellent score by using this book recommend this book as well because it has really helped them a lot.

This is the best review and APWH test preparation that exists!! This book is must for preparing AP World History exam because it offers superb review and accurate practice tests!

Best AP US History Book

The AP United States History exam consists of two parts: Multiple Choice and Free Response. There are 80 multiple choice questions which count for 50% of the test. The other 50% is made up of two types of essays, which are standard and document-based (DBQ). Students answer two standard essays (55% of the Free Response section) and one DBQ (45%). In order to score high in the exam, students must be well prepared. After we have done the research, we recommend students to use the following books to achieve a high score in AP US history exam.


A lot of AP history teachers called this book “the review bible” and they use this book constantly in their class. The best part of this book is the practice tests, because the questions are definitely comparable to AP level questions, may be a little bit harder than the actual thing, but extremely close, and it gives detail explanations to help students understand thoroughly. The sample essays in the book are also very helpful.

This book gives a very comprehensive, detailed review for the actual AP U.S. History test. It covers each topic more in depth than the Princeton Review does and at the end of each chapter there is a helpful time line for remembering certain time periods.

In order to help students get a quick review and score high, we also recommend “AP United States History Flash Cards” as well, these cards definitely help on the multiple choice.

REA really is the best test prep book for AP United States History exam, it discusses all the most important parts in U.S. History and its practice tests are great!

Best AP Economics Book

Achieving a high score is what any student who takes the exam wants, while to reach the goal is different from getting straight A’s in school. A well written AP economics prep book is needed for efficient and effective review and get familiar with the format and focused contents in the exam.

After we have done some research we found that the AP Economics book from Princeton is the best one recommended by a lot of students who got a high score by using this book and many teachers and tutors who help students prepare AP Economics exam. Strongly recommend it!

Cracking the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams

In this book, students will learn how to think like the test makers and score higher by reviewing the economics concepts most likely to be tested in the exam. This book also teaches the students how to safeguard yourself against traps that can lower your score and crack the free-response questions by learning to make graphs that work for you. In addition, the students can use the review questions in each chapter to improve your skills.

This book includes 2 full-length practice tests, one each for the macroeconomics and microeconomics exams. All of the practice test questions are like the ones you’ll see on the actual exam, but with detailed explanation and answers.

Many students who got a high score in the AP Economics exam using this book recommend this book because they say everything you need to know, and nothing more, which let the prep book stands out to be the best choice. There is a really clear review of all the concepts you need to know, presented exactly as they will appear on the test. It’s concise, straightforward, and explicates the necessary graphs.

It is very helpful in summarizing all of the major concepts found on the ap macro & micro exams. We also recommend you to made note cards to help you study and remember important concepts.

This is the best and a must reading book for students who plan to take the AP Economics exam. All you need to study and prepare for the exam is in this test-prep book. So get it now!

Best AP U.S. Government and Politics Book

An excellent test prep book is critical for a student to excel on the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam. After we have done some research, we found out that “Cliffs AP U.S. Government and Politics” is the best test prep book for studying efficiently and score high in the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam.

With a thorough review of all subjects covered in the AP exam, plus hundreds of practice questions and detailed answer explanations, this comprehensive guide book is all the student needs to do his or her best and obtain the college credits.

CLIFFS AP U.S. Government And Politics (CLIFFS AP)

This is a great review Book for the AP U.S. Government. It has 356 pages, which is written in the traditional narrative style of CLIFF NOTES and READER’S DIGEST. The vocabulary and writing style are easy to understand and the information is very well organized and concise. Basic information with a sprinkling of details and updated examples is covered. For the reader to focus, subtopics are sectioned off, and important terms and vocabulary are bold printed. After the topic discussion, there was a 15 multiple-choice questions constructed in the same style as the items in the actual AP test. On each of the essay questions, scoring guidelines, sample essays, and analyzes of the written works are provided. Appendixes contain a glossary of key terms, a copy of the U.S. Constitution, a listing of important U.S. Supreme Court cases, and an eight page listing of internet sources.

This book is a great, concise prep for AP US Government with a great study tip. It has a clear well-organized layout and cuts out all the extraneous information so you know exactly what you need to know for the AP Test. Highly recommend it!

Best AP U.S. Human Geography Book

To prepare the AP Human Geography exam, a great prep book is very helpful for a student to achieve a high score. After we have done the research, we found out that “AP Human Geography w/ CD-ROM (REA) – The Best Test Prep” is the best. It provides very thorough review and good practice tests.


This book with the companion TESTware® software provides an accurate and complete representation of the AP Human Geography exam. REA’s practice exams are based on the format of the most recently administered AP Human Geography exam and each includes every type of question that the student can expect to encounter on the real test. Following each of the practice tests is an answer key, complete with detailed explanations designed to clarify the material. By using the subject reviews, completing both practice tests, and studying the explanations that follow, the student will feel confident and do well on the actual test.

TESTware® CD-ROM also includes two practice exams. The software provides timed conditions and instant, accurate scoring, which makes it all the easier to pinpoint the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Many teachers and students recommend this book because this book has been extremely useful in helping them to prepare for the AP exam. They think it is the best source for AP Human Geography preparation!

With its easy to use format, extensive vocabulary review and strong practice test questions this is the only book the student will need to ace the AP Exam! Use it and excel on the AP exam!

Best AP Art History Book

In order to achieve a high score in the AP Art History Exam, a student needs to prepare well. The AP Art History exam is 3 hours long and contains 115 multiple-choice questions, 7 short essay questions, and 2 long essay questions. The questions are designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your knowledge of art history. A test prep book providing a thorough review for the Advanced Placement Art History Examination and making test preparation as easy and effective as possible, is what every student who plans to take the AP test needs. After we have done the research we found out that “Barron’s AP Art History with CD-ROM (Barron’s Ap Art History (Book & CD-Rom))” is the best one. It received the most of the five star reviews and is the recommended book by teachers and students who used the book.


This book is great review book for studying and preparing AP Art History Exam. The book’s full subject review features coverage of all possible AP Art exam topics: Ancient through Medieval; Beyond European Artistic Traditions; Renaissance to Present. The practice tests, for which images are also presented on the CD in color, are accompanied by detailed answer explanations, giving students the context to excel on the AP Art History Exam.

This book helps students to create the closest experience to test-day conditions with 2 full-length practice tests, complete with art images; it also can chart the students’ progress with full and detailed explanations of all answers. In addition, the test-taking strategies and experienced advice in this book boost the students’ confidence to excel on the AP exam. It is a book that is a superior study aid and a reference for those who appreciate art history. The details regarding the classics are impressive and sample tests are well written. It is a must for all AP Art History students!

Set up a study schedule, use this book and take the first practice test to discover what you know and what you should, and use REA’s advice to study and get you ready for success on the AP exam!

It is the best test prep book for AP Art History exam on the market, buy it now!

Best AP Language Books

Best AP English Book

Preparing AP exam is different with the study in AP English class. A lot of students need help from a test prep book, which is written to help them achieve a high score in AP English exam. We have done the research and found out that Cliffs AP is the best book for preparing AP English Exam.

CLIFFS AP English Language and Composition (CLIFFS AP)

This book offers students very useful test-taking strategies, focused reviews of question types, and 6 full-length practice exams with sample responses. The review in this book is the most concise, straightforward while effective one and the practice questions in this book are extremely similar to the real test, and the explanations are detail and well understood. The essay samples are also really well evaluated, and the book offers a glossary on literary terms that students have to know for the test. The book is good for quick preparation and long-term practice. This is definitely the book to get!

Many instructors for preparing AP English exam class use this book with their students for years, because this book offers very practical advice and real examples. Many students who have used this book and got excellent scores strongly recommend CiffsAP for English Language and Composition!

This is the BEST help for students who plan to take AP English exam!

Best AP Chinese Book

BARRON’S AP Chinese Language and Culture: WITH AUDIO CDS

This is the best prep book for students to prepare AP(Advanced Placement) Exam: Chinese so far. It reviews all parts of the exam including Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speaking, and Culture. In addition, each section has exercises, and the listening and reading sections include practice questions with answer keys and answer explanations. The book reflects the AP exam’s standards, presenting questions in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. There are two full-length practice exams presented with answer keys, students can get the format of the AP exam: Chinese and estimate their score. Enclosed three audio compact discs present spoken material covering the exam’s Listening, Writing, and Speaking sections are also very helpful.

This book has been using by many students as the AP exam’s standards, it is the most popular book and it is a must for AP Chinese preparation!

Best AP Spanish Book

We have done some survey and found out that “AP Spanish w/Audio CDs (REA) – The Best Test Prep for the AP Exam (Test Preps) “is the best prep book for AP Spanish exam!


This book is an excellent source for all of the material covered on the AP Spanish exam, and the practices exercises in the book is very close to actual AP Spanish exam. The audio CDs is essential in preparing students for the oral component of the exam, and made studying more fun. Also this book includes transcripts for the oral segments of the exam and a comprehensive Spanish review which includes basic Spanish grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

This book is the absolute best buy for preparing AP Spanish Language exam. It has a very thorough review of all grammar tested in the exam besides it covers through every aspect of the test. Many AP Spanish instructors and students who got high score in the AP Spanish exam have used this book; they strongly recommend this book to test takers.

This book is a comprehensive, thorough course in Spanish and provides three practice exams which accurately depict the scope and content of the actual AP examination for Spanish Language. It is the best prep book for AP Spanish!

Best AP Japanese

Best AP German

Best AP French

Be ambitious and try your best. Take AP classes as many as you can. You may have various challenges during your AP classes, don’t give up, keep improving your study habit and study methods. Ask questions actively to understand and master the subject better. If you pass your AP exam, you might get college credit, and cut your college expense! Even if you fail, don’t be upset. Taking an AP course makes you prepared for college better. You learn how to motivate yourself to study, learn time management and a lot of other things during you challenge yourself in studying AP course journey.
Try your best to ace your AP tests!

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