AP Environmental Science Book

In order to get a good score at the AP Environmental Science Exam, you need excellent test prep books for AP Environmental Science test. AP Environmental Science Books can help you focus on the exam and study efficiently. After we have done the research, we found out that the following two books are the best choices of AP Environmental Science Book.

Kaplan AP Environmental Science 2011

This book includes 2 full-length practice tests to target areas for score improvement with detailed answer explanations, which help students to understand better. It also introduces proven score-raising strategies for the test. In addition, this book gives Sample essays for DBQ and FRQ questions.

This great book is targeting review of all topics, from the earth’s elements, to energy consumption, to pollution, to the future of the environment, and more. There is key terminology defined in context as well.

Study and score high using this book with thorough review and excellent practice tests for AP Environmental Science Exam!

Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation)

The book, “Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam”, focuses on the test strategies and information students will need to get the highest score. It teaches student how to use the preparation strategies and test-taking techniques to raise your score by focusing on the topics most likely to appear on the test. There is a unit test, which tests the students’ knowledge with review questions for each topic covered.

This book also includes 2 full-length practice AP Environmental Science tests to help the students prepare for the test and estimate the score since the practice questions are very close to the actual exam.

Study the Best AP Environmental Science Book, prepare AP environmental science test well and score high in the test!

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