Best AP Chemistry Books

A lot of students feel chemistry difficult, especially AP chemistry. However, Chemistry is such an important Science course, students have to master it. We have done some research and recommend two books for those who plan to take AP Chemistry exam, study the two books thoroughly no matter how good or bad you did in your chemistry class; you can achieve a high score although the AP Chemistry exam is a very hard test. Yes, you can!

How to Prepare for the AP Chemistry

This book is one of the Barron’s AP exam prep books. A lot of teachers and students who have taken the test recommend this book because they praise it helped them so incredibly much.

Barron’s is well known for its harder practice tests than actual ones; however, practice tests in this book are so close to the real tests. If you want an accurate representation of the actual AP test, we strongly recommend this book. This book explains every concept, which covers in AP Chemistry test clearly. Barron’s gives you lots of extraneous material, a lot of that, particularly their Experimental Chemistry Section can come amazingly in handy on AP Chemistry exam day.

We also recommend AP Chemistry Cliffs, which concentrates on the calculations. Barron explains the concepts thoroughly and the AP Cliffs help you build a strong foundation on the Chemistry calculations. These two are the only books students are going to need to score high in the exam.

For an efficient preparation, get these two excellent books and ACE AP Chemistry Exam!

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  1. I have been studying Chinese for a few years and always struggled with memorizing the characters. Thanks to this book I am speedily connecting all the radicals together, not only that but I have found a fun way to help my teenage students and adult students retain characters too.

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