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If you want to attend business school, you will need to take the GMAT. If you want to go to a top business school, you need a high GMAT score since your GMAT score is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you will be admitted.

Fewer than 50 of the more than 200,000 people taking the GMAT test each year get a perfect score of 800. To achieve a high GMAT score, you need to prepare for it, practice and practice!

With several best GMAT prep books, you can study for your GMAT more efficiently and more effectively.

We have done some research, and found out that the following 3 books are the best GMAT prep books. They received the highest review scores and recommended by many online forum on GMAT prep.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition is the only book on the market written by the creators of the GMAT exam. Inside you’ll find more than 800 actual GMAT questions from previous tests with answers and detailed explanations. There’s also a grammar review, math review, actual essay topics, sample responses, and scoring information insights into the GMAT exam that debunk test-taking myths. Plus, use the diagnostic section to pinpoint your skill level and focus on the areas where you need the most help.


1. 907 real GMAT questions took from past tests
2. Practice questions are organized by level of difficulty
3. Practice questions follow actual GMAT test patterns
4. Contains a 100-question diagnostic test


1. Does not include any test-taking strategies
2. Only has a few short review sections for each area, which are weak
3. Questions are predominantly low to medium in difficulty which is often not representative of questions one encounters on the test

This book is a must-have for you to prep GMAT

The Official Guide is published by the creators of the GMAT and therefore it is the only source of actual GMAT questions representative of what you will see on the real GMAT test.

However this book is not sufficient for you
Because this is a guide book containing only questions and lacks insightful information about the test. A math/verbal concept review section, or any test-taking strategies is not included either. It is a collection of questions. To get up to speed, you will need to get a study guide such as Kaplan Premier Program.

Kaplan GMAT 2011 Premier with CD-ROM

It is the Best Starter Book for GMAT but not enough for a good score.

If you are new to the GMAT, Kaplan Premier is a great book to start with because it provides a good introduction to the test including the explanation on the mechanics, basic principles, gets you familiar with the test structure, etc. This book also has solid strategies that you can use regardless of your level, and it comes with 6 Adaptive tests as well.


1. Solid material with great Math and Verbal strategies as well as some background
2. 6 Full GMAT Tests including 5 adaptive CAT format on the CD/online and 1 in a paper format in the book
3. Online practice with additional exercises and quizzes including 15 online drills
4. Much of general information on GMAT has been moved into online video format, called Fast Fact Videos; that helps with learning when you have had too much reading for the day
5. Great value for the money with 6 Full GMAT tests, practice questions on the CD, and many online Quizzes


1. the online access expires after 1 year. This is the reason to buy a new book vs used.
2. CD is windows only (for Mac you will need to use the online registration and take these tests online)
3. Does not have the depth and width a 700+ score requires

It is a good idea that you spend a about month going through this book and once you know your weaknesses and area that require extra attention, you can do a deep dive with some specialized books in order to score high than 700.

Sentence Correction GMAT Preparation Guide, 4th Edition (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guides)

The Sentence Correction Guide takes the guesswork out of grammar by presenting every major grammatical principle and minor grammatical point tested on the GMAT.

Each chapter builds comprehensive content understanding by providing rules, strategies, and in-depth examples of how the GMAT tests a given topic and how you can respond accurately and quickly. The Guide contains a total of 187 “In-Action” problems of increasing difficulty with detailed answer explanations. The content of the book is aligned to the latest Official Guides from GMAC (12th edition).

Purchase of this book includes one year of access to Manhattan GMAT’s online practice exams and Sentence Correction question bank.

This book is an excellent book for preparing GMAT test. It breaks down all of the major areas on sentence correction in an easy to read format and cross references problems in the official guide to hone your skills.

If sentence correct is your weakness on the GMAT, you definitely need this book to raise your GMAT score.

A Recommended GAMT Prep Plan to Score higher than 700

  1. Get familiar with the test and brush up on fundamentals including math and grammar by reviewing each section using the Kaplan book
  2. Thorough review of each area using Manhattan Guides
  3. Taking Practice tests using the Official Guide for GMAT
  4. Studying more on your weakness

Get a high GMAT Score and enter your dream business school!

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