Office Supply for College Students

A new school year is approaching, to prepare the school supplies will help set you up for success in the college. The basic school supplies that you will need in college are the same as those you purchased for use in high school. However, as a college student, you need to improve your time management skills to handle challenging course work, you need to be more organized. Get some items that make it much easier to keep up with assignments and prepare for exams such as your notes, handouts, and other class materials.

Here is a suggested list of school supplies.

1. A backpack to carry books and supplies
2. A binder for each class
3. Spiral notebooks for notes
4. A folder for handouts for each class
5. Planner/calendar for recording due dates, exam dates, etc.
6.Index cards for the use as flash cards to study for tests
7. Plain white printer paper
8. Pens
9. Pencils
10. Erasers
12. Pencil sharpener
13. Pencil case
14. Highlighters
15. Stapler
16. Three-hole punch
17. Paper clips
18. Sticky notes
19. Scissors

Be well prepared with these school supplies and you will enjoy your new college life much more better!

A First Aid Kit for College Students

Congratulation on your son or daughter’s college admission! Since this might be the first time that your teenager has been away from home, helping your teen take care of his or her own health is the first priority that parents should do. A good first aid kit full of supplies is a great going back to school gift.

What to Pack

First, figure out what it is you need to pack. Start with the basics for if your teen has a cut, scrape or minor burn; sprains, strains and other similar injuries. Consider packing:

  • Adhesive bandages in different sizes
  • Non-stick gauze: To cover larger wounds
  • Adhesive tape: To help secure the gauze
  • Antibiotic ointment: To prevent infections in a wound or minor burn
  • Elastic bandage: To wrap and provide compression for sprains and strains
  • Ice pack: For when an injury first occurs
  • Warm pack or heating pad: For bringing warmth and blood flow to an older injury

We have done some research and recommend:

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit, Safe Travels

It is portable and organized out of the home first aid. Over 40 items with A clear durable plastic box.

Add a Few Extras

It is a great idea to include a card in the first aid kit that provides some basic health information about your student in the case of an emergency. Also, add the telephone numbers that your child might need. Information to include:

  • Telephone number for your child’s personal physician
  • Campus health’s telephone number
  • Telephone number for your student’s health insurance
  • Copies of your student’s insurance card
  • Emergency contact information (parents’ name and any telephone numbers you could be reached at).

Packing up a first aid kit is a great gift for your teen to start his or her new college life. It’s also a reminder to always stay safe and take care of his or her health while away from home.

Best Printer for College Students

Why a college student needs a printer?

A printer is essential for printing assignments and scanning in documents. Most colleges have printers available, but there’s usually fees involved for printing off pages. Sometimes, the computers might also all be in use and you might have to wait to get on one. It is very convenient you have your own printer. Besides, many printers these days have very affordable price.

After we have done the research, we recommend:

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer

It received a lot of five star reviews in Amazon because it is Quick, Reliable, Compatible and cost effective.

It has a very small footprint on the desk when the paper trays are not extended, and a small one when they are. It has excellent monochrome print quality and is very fast. As with all laser printers, the ink is waterproof once it’s on the paper. I’d recommend it any day of the week.

The printer’s body feels solid when you handle it. The input trays are similarly solid. The output tray feels a bit light, but as long as you aren’t abusing the tray, it’ll be more than sufficient.

HP printers are generally very reliable and always has good driver support both under Windows and Linux.