Great Free Stuff for ACT Preparation

We did some research on the web, and summarized the great free stuff for ACT Preparation, hope it is helpful.

  1. ACT Guide from ACT Inc, the one who makes ACT.
  2. ACT Practice questions from ACT Inc, the one who make ACT.
  3. Kaplan, the famous test prep provider offers a free, on-line practice ACT exam for registered users, registration is free.
  4. ACT online practice from
  5. Test Prep Review provides free self assessment module quizzes.
  6. offers personal ACT Companion Prep Course. Need to sign up but it is free.
  7. ACT Question of the Day from
  8. Peterson’s FREE ACT Practice Test
  9. Free Video ACT Tutoring
  10. SAT/ACT Math Reasoning is for FREE ACT Test Preparation from
  11. Word of the Day is for vocabulary skill building from

Great Free Stuff for SAT Preparation

We did some research on the web, and summarized the great free stuff for SAT Preparation, hope it is helpful.

  1. SAT guide from the ETS . ETS is the one who makes the SAT.
  2. Official SAT Practice Test from the College Board, which is the one who manages SAT, students need to sign in to access your free practice test, and can learn about question types and answers, as well as approaches for SAT test-taking. Registration is free.
  3. SAT Question of the Day from the College Board Online. To form a good study habit, start here. Answer the question and make a progress everyday. To visit this site every day is a great idea!
  4. The famous Test Prep provider, Kaplan offers a free SAT quiz bank of questions.
  5. INeedAPencil is designed by certified teachers and expert SAT tutors, lessons and explanations will teach you how to effectively answer every SAT question. It also has customized practice sessions so you can get a specific set of practice questions that focus on your time needs or weaknesses. Also each practice session provides you with a summary of performance and a projected SAT score at its conclusion.
  6. My SAT Practice provides practice questions in critical reading, mathematics and writing, vocabulary practice, and test taking strategy tips.
  7. Online Test Page provides free online tests for ACT and SAT.
  8. SAT/ACT Math provides math practice questions.
  9. SAT Online provides online practice quizzes.
  10. SAT PrepPlan contains SAT practice problems, a customized SAT preparation plan, SAT problem solving videos, SAT vocabulary flash cards and free online SAT test preparation books and materials. Everything on the site is completely free to students and educators.
  11. SAT Question of the Day, provided by
  12. SAT Sentence Completion Quizzes provides sentence completion questions, which account for about one quarter of the marks for the verbal section of SAT I. Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense.
  13. SAT Vocabulary Enrichment provides vocabulary games. Each Quiz picks 10 questions from a fifty word list and you can hear the word spoken, allowing you to not only learn its definition, but how its pronounced.
  14. Test Prep Review is a free service of a group of educators. This web site was created to provide free practice test questions for students; it also contains a modular approach to learn the content on these exams.
  15. Vocabulary practice for Sentence Completion, Analogies, and more.
  16. Word of the Day provides vocabulary skill building from
  17. provides100 most common SAT words and online quizzes.
  18. Vocabulary Tests provides online practice from Vocabulary.
  19. SAT Vocabulary Quiz provides free vocabulary quizzes.