Disney Storybook Collection for Kids Ages 3-8

Disney characters are favorite of kids, these bestselling storybook collections have been completely redesigned with a classic new look with over 250 illustrations including full-page artwork from the Disney archives. In addition, the first printing includes over 250 stickers that kids love so much!

This is a fantastic compilation filled with all of children’s favorite characters in magical stories. There are great illustrations on every page; the text is large and fairly simplistic, just right for beginning reading. The stories are long enough to entertain at bedtime but not too long, and the pictures are nice and help tell the story. All in one this is what parents have been waiting for.

Kids love to read the Disney collection books with a ton of shortened versions of classic Disney stories, from Lady & the Tramp through Aladdin.

This Magical book has it all! Parents and kids love it so much!