Learning Games For Preschoolers

Parents often want ideas for activities to help their child maintain the skills learned in school and help the young child develop well physically and mentally. It is important for parents to know the abilities young children need to be successful in school and life and what to work toward. Remember, children learn naturally through play.

What your preschooler should know

Children entering kindergarten are expected to identify some letters of the alphabet by name. They should be able to recognize all of the letters in their first name, and also be able to tell you how to spell it. Many children can write their name, but have no idea what the letters are called. Some children can spell their name, but can not recognize it in print. Hopefully, your preschooler is able to do both. To help your child learn how to spell his or her name, you can make up a song to the tune of BINGO or Wheels on the Bus, substituting the letters of your child’s name. Then point to the written letters as you sing it.

Pre-kindergarten kids at this time of year should be able to hear beginning sounds of words and identify words that start with the same sound, such as ball and bike, called alliteration. They should also be able to hear rhyming sounds, and tell you two or three words that rhyme together. In Math, kids should be able to count objects to 12 or more, recognize numerals to 10 or more, name shapes and make simple patterns.

In addition, it is important to help your child to work independently. You child should be able to put together a puzzle without talking to you, set a place setting at the table without getting distracted, draw a picture, or write his name without constantly looking to you for approval. A child at this age should be able to follow a two step direction without loosing focus.

Choose a right learning game for your preschooler

A high quality learning games for preschoolers can help your child prepare for school. If your preschooler has a specialized content area interest, you can help develop his or her knowledge and understanding by carefully choosing learning games that – while intended for older children – may have just what your child needs. Check out Educational Software, for example, for games about animals, geography, and other topics that teach kids information and then allow them to test their knowledge.

We have done some research and found out that ” Jumpstart Preschool Classic ” is one of the best learning game for preschool kids. It received most of five star reviews on Amazon.com.

Jumpstart Preschool Classic

It helps children leap into an early understanding of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in a colorful classroom bursting with animation and song. In the game, Casey Cat, Kisha Koala, Eleanor the Elephant, and Pierre the Bear guide children through 10 irresistible interactive puzzles, games, and play areas, covering over 30 skills.
Skills Taught:

• Letters
• Phonics
• Pre-reading
• Numbers
• Counting
• Sequencing
• Spatial relationships
• Music
• Differences
• Listening skills
• Shapes
• Telling time
• Visual memory
• Deductive reasoning skills

Packed with twice the learning activities of most other educational programs, JumpStart Preschool has 10 irresistible interactive puzzles, games and play areas. It is a fun and educational software for kids age 2 to 4.

It is easy to use, fun and educational!
This learning game is very easy to use and it has a lot of singing which preschoolers really likes. It is so simple and teaches kids lots of basics. So parents do not need to be right beside your child to help .

Preschoolers love “Jumpstart Preschool Classic”! Buy one for your child at Amazon.com, the most trusted online shopping website.

Learning Games for Kindergarten

Choose a High Quality Learning Game For Your Kindergartener

A high quality learning games for kindergarten should be created with kindergarteners’ strong curiosity in mind. As a child moves through the program, the path they take will be customized to their particular needs based on their previous interactions. Because of this, each child’s experience in the learning game should be unique.

A well designed learning game for kindergarten should help kids to build their skills in pre-reading, reading and writing. Based on the results, the program can place each child at the point that is just right for his or her skill level. This prevents children from wasting time learning something they already know, which leads to boredom or being faced with tasks that are too difficult for them, which leads to frustration.

In addition, all the teaching activities in the learning game should have been scientifically designed to take advantage of a child’s strengths and to help him or her overcome any weaknesses.

We have done some research and found out that “Jumpstart Kindergarten” is one of the best learning game for kindergarten kids. It received most of five star reviews on Amazon.com.

Jumpstart Kindergarten

Jumpstart Kindergarten is packed with 16 games and puzzles that teach over two dozen fundamental skills covering a full year of pre-reading, early math, language, and creative arts. Skills are taught including Pre-reading , Word identification , Vocabulary , Rhyming , Counting , Ordering , Sequencing , Shapes , Colors , Telling time.

It also has the special features including Progress Reports, and Automatically adjusts difficulty level.

It is really fun and educational!
Jump Start Kindergarten are loved by many kids and it is added to the collection of many family because it is very fun and educational. This learning game helps kids to have a good preparation in learning sight words, word families, and alphabetic recognition and sounds etc. It is great not only for kids’ entertainment and educational value but it also helps children to be comfortable with the mouse, keyboard, the computer.

Many Kindergarten teachers and parents recommend K Jump Start. It not only gets kids used to using a computer, but they are learning in a fun way too.

Help your kindergartener have a head start! Buy this great learning game at the most trusted online shopping website, Amazon.com.

Kids Educational Game

Well designed Kids Educational Game helps kids learn effectively with joy. Kids love electronics and learning games. After we have done the research, we found that “Teacher’s Pet Pre Kindergarten” is one of the best educational game for kids on the market so far. It received the most of five star reviews in Amazon.com.

Teacher’s Pet Pre Kindergarten

These are GREAT learning games. You get a lot for the price, including 5 separate learning games, reading, science, math, thinking skills, and time and place with each one having 5-7 different learning games. It is extremely 3-6 age appropriate. My daughter who is 4 loves it and I use it as a reward for completing her school work with a good attitude or a fun break. Very cute characters and great quality. Very educational as well.

Great Intro to Computer Learning

This is more of a thinking adventure. Lots of activities. 3 to 6 year olds enjoyed the activities, especially the compound word machine.

Kids are able to play the games themselves….and also show parents how well they can do. We like the games because they have a lot of variety done in a fun way. There is art, music, geography, ABCs, logic, colors etc.

Lots of choices with these 5 games and there are sub-games at various levels so we can see where 3 to 6 yrs old can still find fun challenges. Look forward to other games by this game maker.

Best preschool software deal

There is so much to this software that’s not in the listing. Kids loves it! In two 15-20 min. sessions, my daughter is already getting the hang of the mouse. We have tried math patterns (red, green, red, green, ____, etc.) for months at home and she didn’t want to have any part of it. When the chicken in Thinking’ Things did it, it was the coolest thing ever. She loves the sounds and the fact that the animals all talk to her.

What isn’t is the listing is the number of titles on this one disk.
1. Bailey’s Book House (7 games to explore sounds, letters, words, and stories)
2. Trudy’s Time and Place House (understanding maps, directions, time, and place)
3. Sammy’s Science House (patterns, sorting, weather, seasons, and habitats)
4. Thinking’ Things Toony the Loon’s Lagoon (6 games to explore memory, logic, musical memory, spatial thinking)
5. Millie’s Math House (7 activities to explore numbers, shapes, size, quantity, patterns, addition, and subtraction)

Easiest, Best Educational Pre-K Product

It installs easily, starts easily. Once installed, the disc is no longer required. No registration is required. Typing skills not required. My five year old can use this completely unassisted. No keyboarding is required, just basic mouse skills. You do not realize how great this product is until you try others that require registration, keyboard entries, and disc installation for each use…all of which create the need for somebody to assist the child. These programs can be learned by and explored by the child with minimal or no adult involvement.

Further, the programs are easy to follow and they are engaging!

Great value! You kids will love it, the best kids educational game, kids learning game for Pre-K!