Best Books for PSAT/SAT Preparation

Are you looking for best PSAT prep books?

Research has shown that putting a student in actual testing conditions while doing a “practice” exam is one of the best methods of preparation for the tests. Get some of the official released practice exams and practice over and over again is a great strategy to help the student familiarize himself with the exam format and the type of questions. Remember not only should the student do the questions, but also should do a very careful analysis of the type of questions he is wrong and right. Focus on weakness, seeking additional resources for help.

The very experienced SAT instructors recommend the best ways to prepare the tests.

  1. Get the book “Hot Words for the SAT”, and learn a few chapters each week.
  2. Get the book “Cracking the PSAT”, read all the test-taking strategies, do every practice test, and understand the answer explanations.
  3. Get the “Barron’s SAT” book first, do every test, read and understand the answer explanations.
  4. Get “the Official SAT Study Guide”, take the practice tests, sitting straight through for each exam, 4 hours with the break.

Good luck on the exam!!

Hot Words for the SAT I

This book is called SAT Verbal Breakthrough, the best book for the verbal section, and recommended by a lot of SAT instructors as a must buy! There are three sentences made for each vocabulary word so the student can understand the meaning of each word thoroughly. Words being used in sentences with chapter’s theme instead of a list of words, which really aid the memory and will totally boost the students’ vocabulary and help scores on the SAT! It is the most popular book of its kind.

Cracking the PSAT

This book is published by Princeton Review, it provides proven techniques from the test preparation experts. In this book, “General strategies and advanced strategies” are two must read parts, which not only help the student to prepare PSAT, it also serves good principles for other tests to get higher scores. The 2008 edition includes 2 full-length practice tests just like those on the actual PSAT, but with detailed answers and explanations for every question.

Barron’s SAT

This book has more practice tests than any other books, and the tests in the book are harder than the real test. It also has detail explanations compared with Princeton or Kaplan’s books. Student used the book like the vocabulary cards in the back as well. It is one of the most recommended SAT books!

The Official SAT study guide

This is a must read book for preparation of SAT, because it is the only book created by the test maker, the College Board. Although the student can not learn the hardcore test-taking strategies from the book, it does include the information students need to get ready for the exam. The student will gain valuable experience by taking the practice tests and can receive estimated scores.

Cracking the SAT

Many Students and SAT tutors recommend SAT prep books by Princeton Review. “Cracking the SAT with DVD, 2012 Edition (College Test Preparation)” will be released on June 7, 2011. You can pre-order yours and get 35% saving at Amazon.

Cracking the SAT with DVD, 2012 Edition (College Test Preparation)

This book covers all you need to know for SAT! Cracking the SAT with DVD, 2012 Edition includes everything you need to know to master the Math, Critical Reading, and Writing sections of the SAT. It includes:

• Access to 8 full-length practice exams
• A DVD with tutorials and expert advice from the Princeton Review’s top SAT instructors
• Our exclusive “Hit Parade” of vocabulary appearing most frequently on the SAT
• Tons of drills and detailed explanations to show you exactly what to expect on the exam
• Thorough review of all SAT topics, including essay-writing techniques and a focused grammar chapter
• Key strategies and a breakdown of SAT myths to help you feel more confident on test day

Get the “cracking the SAT ” book now, and prepare your SAT in an efficient way to achieve a high SAT score!

Studying SAT on Kindle and Getting a High SAT Score

Why Kindle?

Kindle is the Best e-reader around!

Especially the following three advantages make Kindle stand out.

1. The size and design is just perfect for being easy to read and carry.
2. Learning to use kindle is effortless. You can start reading within 5 minutes.
3. Affordable price

I prefer reading on the Kindle because it’s easier on the eyes compared with other portable electronic devices. It has a built-in dictionary and a larger screen. When I go out, I always bring the Kindle with me, so I can read at any time.

Do you have a kindle?

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Why Studying SAT on Kindle?

You do not need to carry a heavy backpack with several think SAT books. Using a kindle, you can study SAT and practice SAT more at any time wherever you are.

The following are the SAT books (Kindle Edition) received more five star reviews at Amazon.

Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT – Book Four [Kindle Edition]

Defining New Moon: Vocabulary Workbook for Unlocking the SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT by Brian Leaf(Kindle Edition – May 6, 2010)

McGraw-Hill’s SAT, 2011 Edition [Kindle Edition]

Barron’s SAT Subject Test In Chemistry, 10th Ed.

Barron’s SAT Subject Test Literature [Kindle Edition]

Barron’s SAT, Subject Test Math Level 2, 9th Edition

Studying and practicing SAT as more as you can is the only way to achieve a high SAT score. Get a kindle and Kindle SAT books, enjoy preparing SAT now and see your high SAT score in months!