Second Grade Reading List

Reading is a critical skill for success in school and in life. Let’s create an easy to learn environment with high quality children’s age appropriate books, and help our children build a good reading habit!

Reading Comprehension for Second Graders

Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material. They draw upon a variety of comprehension strategies as needed (e.g., generating and responding to essential questions, making predictions, comparing information from several sources).

The selections in Recommended Literature, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve illustrate the quality and complexity of the materials to be read by students. In addition to their regular school reading, by grade four, students read one-half million words annually, including a good representation of grade-level-appropriate narrative and expository text (e.g., classic and contemporary literature, magazines, newspapers, online information).

In grade two, students continue to make progress toward this goal.

Structural Features of Informational Materials

1. Use titles, tables of contents, and chapter headings to locate information in expository text.

Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text

2. State the purpose in reading (i.e., tell what information is sought).
3. Use knowledge of the author’s purpose(s) to comprehend informational text.
4. Ask clarifying questions about essential textual elements of exposition (e.g., why, what if, how).
5. Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas.
6. Recognize cause-and-effect relationships in a text.
7. Interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs.
8. Follow two-step written instructions.

Books for Second Grade

Monkeys and Dog Days

Max and Pete are excited to get a new puppy at the animal shelter. Now Pete does not want to help take care of Fudge.
Series: Monkey Reader

Monkeys and the Universe

Max and his brother, Pete, take a trip to the observatory and learn all about planets, stars, and galaxies.

Luke on the Loose

When Luke decides to chase a pigeon, he ends up on a wild adventure all over New York City.


Dogerella dreams of attending the royal pet ball. She cannot go until her fairy dogmother arrives.

Cork & Fuzz: Finders Keepers

Will “finders keepers” tear two good friends apart or can they work together to get a shiny green stone away from the chipmunk who runs off with it?
Series: Cork & Fuzz

Dodsworth in Paris

Dodsworth and his friend Duck travel to Paris and have adventures all over the city!

Stranger on the Silk Road

Song Sun never stops talking and that could get her in a bit of trouble as she and her sister travel the Silk Road in ancient China.
Series: Historical Tales

Terracotta Girl: A Story of Ancient China

Yung-lu wants to be a warrior, but in ancient China girls are not allowed. When a family friend asks for help building “the Emperor’s army,” Yung-lu thinks she has her chance.

Bed, Bats, & Beyond

Fink, the bat can’t sleep. His family tells him stories; some scary, some romantic. Which one works?

Zelda and Ivy: Keeping Secrets

Fox sisters Zelda and Ivy have fun trying not to share secrets, playing April Fool’s jokes, and performing their own opera.
Series: Zelda and Ivy

Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day

Everyone at school looks like they’ve been having a good April Fools day, except for Wagner. He needs to play a trick that will make him laugh for a change.
Series: Pearl and Wagner

Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels

Joe is a giraffe who likes to stretch his neck and see the world. Sparky is a turtle who likes to stay in his shell. Does that stop them from being best friends? No way! Can they leave the zoo and go on a crazy car ride? Yes!

Look Out, Jeremy Bean!

Jeremy Bean tries to make a collection out of stories about himself, find some dust bunnies, and hide on St. Patrick’s day.

Wait, Skates! And Other Funny Stories

Skates rolling away, too many pickles and a very busy guy all rolled up in one book!

A Brand-New Day with Mouse and Mole

Luckily for Mouse and Mole, every day is a new day!

Among of the books above, we recommend the following books by Amazon’s top rankings.