Review on Learning Toys for Building Kids’ Fine Motor Skills

Studies have shown that nearly 60 – 70% of children’s school work require fine motor skills from handwriting to manipulating objects. Children with well developed fine motor skills do better in school and in life. Some toys can promote the development of fine motor skills, enabling your child to gain self confidence and prepare for future success. We have done some research and here we would like to recommend “Lego, the kids’ favorite toys” to parents who want to help your child build strong fine motor skills including hand-eye coordination using fingers and small objects. These educational toys are fun activities that will build your child’s small muscles and imagination, and get your child ready for improving his or her handwriting.

LEGO 4+ Basic Bulk Set

“Lego Basic Bulk Set” has just bricks, which is suitable for 4 years and up. This large collection of Lego bricks has received the most of five star reviews by a lot of parents. The Lego set has 576 pieces Classic Lego Bricks with 6 different sizes and colors and come in a nice sturdy plastic container for convenient storage.

Children of all ages can build ships, planes, houses, whatever their mind imagines. While Lego has gone on to develop a wide range of other products, for those who want a good starter kit and bricks not specific to any particular image or character, this is a wonderful choice. These non theme type Lego bricks can expand your child’s imagination, encourage creative play and they are durable, long lasting and fun to play with it.

This is a great set allows children to be more creative, better fine-motor skills developed. Kids and parents love the awesome toy, a starter Lego set.

Many Children’s favorite! Great value set! Recommend it!