Best Book for Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Calorie Cooking

Eating a balanced diet is crucial for our health. Both fat and calories should be controlled, not eliminated entirely in a healthy diet. We have done some research and think that “the Betty Crocker bestseller” is the best book for low-fat, low-cholesterol and low-calorie cooking book in the market so far. It provides revised, revitalized recipes which emphasize low fat and cholesterol dishes. We highly recommend this book!

Betty Crocker’s Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cooking Today

Betty Crocker is the famous health brand.
Betty sensibly bases this 175-recipe cookbook on the Food Guide Pyramid guidelines recommended by the American Heart Association and many other medical and nutrition professional organizations. From this five star reviewed book, you can learn tips for cutting down on fat and cholesterol, understanding the different kinds of fat and making smart food choices for heart health.

The idea in this book is to reduce fat by making ingredient substitutions and small alterations, but not making drastic changes. The recipes are varied and creative; examples are Ginger Shrimp Kabobs, Vegetable Potstickers, Stuffed Veal Chops with Cider Sauce, Curried Chicken and Nectarines, Caribbean Fish Salad, and Thai Shrimp and Rice Noodle Nests. The desserts are also very charming. Recipes are labeled with symbols indicating “low-calorie,” “low-fat,” “moderate-fat,” “low-cholesterol,” and “moderate-cholesterol,” so you can choose how far you want to go. Each recipe has a hefty amount of nutritional information including calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, fiber, protein, vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and diet exchanges.

This book is a great introduction to low-fat low-cholesterol cooking.
It is one of my favorites. There are full-page color photos and a complete nutritional analysis for each recipe. The recipes are easy and taste good. This book is packed not only with yummy recipes but also with great information regarding Cholesterol, Fat, and Calories.

Wonderfully Simple and Tasteful!
You may worry about taste of Low Fat, Low Cholesterol recipes; these recipes do taste good and are low in both fat and cholesterol without sacrificing the taste in your cooking. Tasty recipes go from easy to follow. The ingredients are usually in your kitchen or available in your local grocery store. The time it will take to cook the meal, most under 30 minutes. The recipes are also very simple to make. The recipes taste fresh and interesting, because many fresh ingredients including herbs and vegetables are used. The ingredients help you to create beautiful meals that are very pleasing for family. Using these recipes helps you to eat healthy foods and really enjoy them. I have recommended this cookbook to several friends and family.

The recipes in this Good Solid Cookbook have been kitchen tested; everything I’ve tried has been great. The recipes are modified for a low cholesterol diet so they are different from our standard recipes, but there are really great. Most of the recipes are low in all 3 areas, Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, and/or Low Calorie, even the desserts!!! You’ll find recipes you love.

This cookbook offers healthy, easy recipes which are so delicious.

Eat healthier, enjoy life! Use this book surprise your family and friend!